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Thank you so much for your suggestions OTCtailor. What's frustrating is that the MTM fitter thought everything fit perfectly fine except the slight long pants length. He didn't mention anything about posture and everything else you mentioned. I'm not sure if he just wants to avoid further tailoring (save costs??) or just frankly not know what he's doing. It appears that I need to be proactive about how I want the jacket/pants tailored, but I'm obviously a big noob when it...
Thanks for this, is that the only cause of the creasing up? More suggestions would be really appreciated!  
I would really appreciate some more input for the fit below...I'm hoping to get as much done in the first alteration as possible (hopefully the only one) as I'm on quite a tight schedule...   Thanks again!!  
Thanks! Is that the only issue with it? rotating the sleeve would fix it?
Hi all, just got this new MTM suit. Please ignore the shirt, forgot to bring a better one.   I feel that the shoulders are a bit wide, and asked them to take it in by 0.5 inch on each side (the least they do...). I also feel that the armholes are somewhat anteriorly rotated, causing the appearance on the side. There's also quite a bit of bunching up on the back side of the arms.   Any suggestions for tailoring would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks!       [[SPOILER]]...
sorry double post
I didn't find an answer regarding this question...what product(s) would you guys recommend for a reasonable hold, almost no shine, and a natural look?   much appreciated in advance for the advice!
  I didn't find a good answer to this on this thread...I'm just wondering which product(s) would be good for giving almost no shine and a natural look.
will do :)
thanks for all the input guys, bitter chocolate it is :D
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