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Never ordered from them before personally but I do know that duties will be 18% and taxes another 13% so those should be taken into consideration when weighing a purchase from Skoak. At least that way you will know the maximum price you might have to pay so there are no surprises; if it comes through customs with no assessment then it's a pleasant surprise. 
Personally I don't have any GG shoes nor have I had the chance to try them to offer my opinion. I believe you have some EG shoes correct? Mr. Venneri would be a good source for sizing advice as he has both EG and GG. I recall that he did say they have very different wearing sensations and likened GG to wearing a wetsuit. I could certainly ask some of my contacts that own GG to get their opinion as well. 
As others have said most people have to size up half a size on the Simpson. Personally that is what I have done as well. Having said that everyone's feet aren't going to be exactly the same so use the advice as a guideline. Nothing will beat the ability to try the last in person to see how they fit. 
The Inca is more of an almond shape and is very symmetrical whereas the Simpson's toe box is less pointy if you will and is less symmetrical in shape when viewed from above. Viewed individually both lasts look great but when you compare them side by side they are quite different. You are lucky that both last fits you well because personally the Inca fits my feet better even though I sized up half for the Simpson. My advice is to get the Simpson if you want a sleeker...
The Simpson will most likely not work given that the Rain is already a bit tight. Most people size up half a size for the Simpson though I suspect you will still find it not to be the most suitable for your feet even after sizing up. 
Why not use a suede protector such as Saphir Super Invulner for the peace of mind? It won't discolour the suede but I mean if you can patent it or get UPS to pay you a royalty for the advertisement that's a different matter then ;)
We look forward to seeing you in mid-August. Currently we have some John Lobb styles at special pricing. If you would like we can send you a list via PM of the available styles and prices and hold the ones of interest to you until your visit. 
Thank you for the kind words; it was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone and hopefully I was of assistance. Should you have any other questions or would just like to chat please feel free to give us a call.
Thank you for the kind words; it was a pleasure helping you. If you or anyone else ever need assistance with anything I'd be glad to be of help. 
Please accept our apology for being unable to deliver in due time; we wish we had more control over the matter. We are constantly in touch with EG to have your particular pairs shipped. 
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