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Never purchased one personally but there is something similar in the shop. Personally I find them to be very versatile, especially for someone that dresses more casually in terms of suiting, so think tweed and flannel or anything with more texture instead of worsted. They look great with jeans as well.  
Generally the fit is good. They are certainly not lasted trees but I went a half size down as Carmina doesn't offer half size in trees. 
Interestingly I find the Forest to be sleeker than the Simpson by virtue of its more rounded toe. It reminds me of a more shapely JL 7000 haha. 
Personally I find Inca and Soller to have more room in the toe box compared to the Simpson both in height and width; the Simpson required some extensive breaking in for me and still isn't as comfortable as the Inca or Soller out of the box. 
I don't have a particularly high instep and did size up 1/2 for the Simpson relative to the Inca and Soller. Nonetheless I would say that the Simpson last is not the most suitable for those with high instep given the overall narrowness of the last; it is Carmina's most narrow last. 
 That split toe single monk is pretty iconic if you ask me. Looks great!
Usually people go half a size up on the Simpson last. 
Don't mention it. Confirmation that he takes 9UK for the Simpson last. 
He wears 8.5F in Saint Crispin's, 9 UK in G&G, 8.5E in EG. STC's F is similar to a UK E. For Alden he wears 9 or 9.5 US. 
Yes I have seen him wear STC and EG so it would not surprise me that he would own GG as well. Are there particular lasts and/or brands that you would like to compare? I will ask him to get his take. 
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