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Thank you for the kind words; it was a pleasure speaking with you over the phone and hopefully I was of assistance. Should you have any other questions or would just like to chat please feel free to give us a call.
Thank you for the kind words; it was a pleasure helping you. If you or anyone else ever need assistance with anything I'd be glad to be of help. 
Please accept our apology for being unable to deliver in due time; we wish we had more control over the matter. We are constantly in touch with EG to have your particular pairs shipped. 
The contrast in colours and textures are stunning!
Simply stunning!
Stunning! It was hard choosing from all the available colours but you made the right choice!
Sorry you could not hear Hugo speak in person; however, we will have an article and video on our site in due time. Hopefully we can recreate the experience in a different medium for everyone to experience Hugo's elegance and charm. We look forward to seeing you again and hosting everyone else. 
Yes Hugo was the embodiment of elegance as he made everyone feel at ease.  We hope you enjoyed the event and are thankful that you could attend. The events would not have been what it was without all of you. 
It's hard to make a blanket statement that one model creases more than all the others as the amount of creasing is a function of the leather used, how well a particular last, in this case, the 348, fits the wearer's foot, and the wearer's gait. For example my shoes tend to not crease much on the vamp as my feet don't flex much when I walk but the same shoes may crease more for someone else who walks differently.  If you Google Tetbury pictures it would seem that the waxed...
 The cognac cream is closest in terms of matching the colour but you could go with light, medium, or dark brown as well should you want to burnish the shoes. 
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