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 Hopefully you will be able to see them in person next time you come by our shop Roger!
 Hi gyasih; these bal boots have been our fastest selling product since we opened and I honestly don't think we will have any left by next week! Follow this link to see our new stock and order online. 
  RogerP and his Balmoral Boots
            StyleForum TIFF event, September 2013
            StyleForum TIFF event, September 2013
These models were previewed exclusively for attendees of last night's event (some photos are on our thread). They will be available on our online shop this evening. Most of the stock we received this week was on the Rain last, but we have much more coming next week and throughout the fall in all shapes and sizes!
A big thank you to Roger (you look smashing in those bal boots!) and everyone else who was able to make it last night!    Our next event coincides with our Toronto Saint Crispin's Trunk Show October 12. Hope to see you all there!
For those of you in the Toronto area and are planning on coming tonight to our TIFF event, we are offering an exclusive preview to our fall stock, part 1, before the shoes are available online.
 Hi Odd I/O; the MTO fee for a G&G is $250. We are also expecting our fall stock to arrive right around the time of the show, so there will be plenty of stock to choose from for the fall.
 We also are featuring an exclusive preview of our Carmina Fall Stock, Part 1, before the new styles go live on our online shop!
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