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Very nice colour combination, the shoes look great! 
  Thanks for coming by Roger, its always a pleasure to have you in the shop! Hopefully we will see you at the next SF member meet up!
For those of you who cannot wait, feel free to check out our online shop as we have a very large selection of Saint Crispin's in stock. For those of you who must, MTOs rarely take more than 8 weeks, and if it does it is because there are predictable circumstances, such as their August holiday, or a client is making multiple pairs on the same personalized last. 
      Thank you velomane and RogerP, you gentlemen are too kind! 
Hi Steel28, if you are in the Toronto area, we will take care of duties and shipping for you. Come by our shop and we can certainly arrange an MTO for you.
        - Thank you for coming, gentlemen. We are looking forward to the next one! -
  Visit our online shop for UPDATED PRICING
Hello to all that subscribe to this thread; just a reminder that our first SF event is going to be held at our shop this coming Thursday at 6:00pm. Please pop by for some Champagne and hors d'oeuvres and get to meet your local fellow members. If you haven't already RSVP'd, it would be much appreciated. See you all soon! 24 Bellair in Yorkville.
          Thank you for the replies, gentlemen. I have had a number of emails, we are looking forward to having a full house!
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