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The roughout is a durable suede that is water resistant. For care John advises the use of Saphir Omni Nettoyant to clean and Super Invulner to waterproof if you would like. Over time the roughout suede will get lighter and the nap fuzzier. 
As they a picture is worth a thousand words.   From left to right are the Connaught in 236, the Sydney in 341, and the Alex in 348. The 236 is the traditional, rounded English last; 241 is quite similar to the 236 overall but a bit more sculpted; 248 is a very sleek soft chisel last. For sizing reference I take the same size in 341 and 348 but depending on your foot morphology that might not be the case. Whether to go with the Connaught, Radstock, or Hallam will largely...
@MGD83 yes what we received so far is only a partial shipment with more expected. We have the Islay in brown and black in stock already.  Please feel free to stop by the store at your convenience to see them. 
@chiggyv we just received the C&J Cavendish in burgundy shell and Alden shell longwings and moccasins. We are now able to order shell from Alden!
@CanadaCal we just received the Milton in polo suede (my personal favourite), the Chelsea 8 in brown suede, the Brecon in brown grain leather, and the Northcote in black and brown wax leather. In addition, we now have the Tetbury in black suede and brown waxed calf as well as the Islay in brown grain leather. You could see them on our website or stop by in store at your convenience. 
 I wear the Simpson in a half size larger than Soller. Most people tend to have to size up half on the Simpson. I take the same size in Soller and Inca and size up half in the Simpson.
No harm in that. :) Just wanted to set the right expectations so that no one is disappointed. Unless the turnout is in the hundreds or significantly more than fifty we can comfortably accommodate everyone; I am assuming the intention is not to everyone to sit but to mix and mingle but if I am off please let me know.  
The navy would definitely be a staple. As for the silver it really depends on how you like to dress; in general it is not a colour we would recommend as part of the foundation of a tie collection. The brown or burgundy would be more versatile and you may find yourself wearing it on more occasions than you would with silver. If your shirts are mostly white or predominantly white the silver will likely be too close in colour to stand out.  If you do not have or want to wear...
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