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We are looking to carry as many models as possible, and in as many lasts as possible in order to give our clients a good impression of what Carmina is capable of. However, it will be impossible to stock everything. If there is a particular model that you would be interested in, and we do not stock it, then MTO is always an option. To answer your question, we did not order the particular model you are looking for in stock, however, you may inquire to info@leatherfoot.com...
We will be announcing our next trunk show very soon... Any guesses on who it will feature??
  Carmina Monk Strap 80180 Simpson Last, Vegano Cuero
We certainly carry branded shoe trees from every shoemaker we stock. In addition, the Saint-Crispin's and Gaziano & Girling shoe trees are lasted. Shoe trees can be purchased separately, with the exception again of Saint-Crispin's and G&G Deco range shoes, where the price is inclusive of the trees. 
  Gaziano & Girling Monaco in vintage pine  - Casual, light, comfortable, well-made. 
  Carmina Balmoral Boot
Thank you so much D! It has been a pleasure having you in our shop, we look forward to seeing you again soon!
The Gables look like DG70 for sure, the Barclay's could be GG06.
  Saint-Crispin's Double Eyelet Croc
The price for shell cordovan with Saint-Crispin's is by request and is more or less dependant on supply. You can always e-mail LeatherFoot at info@leatherfoot.com to request an exact price, and we would be happy to get back to you without delay. 
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