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The Inca and Rain last should work for your feet. 
What would constitute an evening out in your context? If it's to dinner or something similar I would recommend the Edgware; however, if an evening out is to the opera or an even more formal occasion the Alex would be better suited. 
 Congratulations! Carmina makes some of the nicest looking dress boots on the market. The design works very well with a suede or country grain shaft as well. 
It is all relative in terms of the proportions of the heel to the toe box. Nonetheless, I would recommend the 341 last. 
The Tetbury is my go to rain boots as well. I apply some Saphir Super Invulner and they are ready to take on the rain and snow. If the suede is stained those stains can be removed using either a suede eraser, such as the Saphir Nettoyant Gommadin, or the Saphir Omni'Nettoyant for more comprehensive cleaning. I am pretty rough on my suede shoes and have always been able to restore them using the Saphir Omni'Nettoyant. Saphir also makes the Renovateur in different colours...
 The shoes look great! It's a design that works well with formal trousers and denim. Glad to hear you had a pleasant time with us. 
The 335 will be wider and a little shorter than the 348. Length should not be an issue as the 348 is an elongated last and the very tip of the toe box is meant to be empty space. I would recommend trying it in person a half size down from your 348 size and see how that fits. Personally I take the same size in the 335 and 348; they will look very different on your feet though as the 348 is a much sleeker last in comparison. 
Awesome choice! Those are some of the nicest boots around!
In terms of overall quality Carmina and C&J bench grade are very close as to be negligible. It really comes down to personal preference in terms of styling and whichever last from either fits your feet the best. Carmina does have more bevelling in the waist and closed channel soles as standard whereas C&J offers that only in their hand grade line. That said the lining leather on C&J is nicer, which helps them to break in a little quicker. Once broken in, both are just as...
Do you find like we do that the coloured wax gives more depth to the shine? 
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