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We are pleased to announce an evening with menswear journalist Simon Crompton on Saturday, April 2, from 6-9 PM at LeatherFoot Emporium (82 Avenue Road).   This event will be Simon's first in Canada and in addition to signing copies of his new book, he will be taking part in a Q&A session. We sincerely hope you can join us.    If you would like to attend this event, please call us at 1-855-967-3668 or email events@Leatherfoot.com to reserve your spot. 
The storm welt does confer added water resistance but also makes the shoes appear less sleek in most cases; part of that is the welt itself the other is that C&J tends to use the storm welt on more rounded lasts. Unless you are intending to submerge them in water the normal Goodyear welt on the Tetbury is more than sufficient for all weather conditions. For the record we do not recommend that you submerge storm welted shoes in water either. 
 Thank you for the interest. We will announce who and when in due time once everything is finalized. Please bear with us in the meanwhile.  
Our recommendation is for lasted shoe trees whenever possible. Granted, not every shoemaker makes lasted trees but a lot do make sized shoe trees, which may or may not have springs, but those would be better for their shoes than a generic tree from a third party.   
The easiest way to distinguish between the two is to look at the sole: handgrade has channeled and beveled sole whereas benchgrade has open stitching.  Hand grade also uses better quality leather (not that handgrade leather is bad), bark tanned soles that are more durable and flexible, higher quality lining leather, and more extensive hand finishing. Overall handgrade takes up to 10 weeks to manufacture whereas benchgrade is up to 8 weeks. You do pay more for the...
 The 236 is a conservative last with a very rounded toe. It is the most similar to the Edward Green 82 last. 337 and 348 are very similar with the 337 having a more rounded toe versus a chiseled toe on the 348.  We have a Crockett and Jones Hallam on the 348 and an Edward Green Chelsea on the 82 in the shot below. Notice how the Hallam in 9 UK is slightly longer than the Chelsea on 9.5 UK. The instep and room in the toe box are similar between the 348 and 82 but we do find...
 We feel that shoe trees and dust bags are the most important for storing shoes. The rest is up to personal preference as to whether boxes or some kind of organizer is required. 
Happy belated from everyone at LeatherFoot! Glad we had champagne on hand yesterday. A pair of St. Crispin's is fantastic any day of the year but even more so on one's birthday. 
Yes Saint Crispin's are something else. It is not every day you get personally measured and advised by Phillip personally, which makes the experience even more memorable. We cordially invite everyone to visit the store for some refreshments and to browse new arrivals from Alden, Carmina, and Frank Clegg. 
For those living in Toronto, we have Phillip Car, owner of St. Crispin's, in store today and tomorrow. Please feel free to stop by to browse and chat.     
New Posts  All Forums: