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 Cream will get you to a soft shine. For a mirror shine you will need wax.   Did you use dark brown or neutral? 
Very nice shine on the Lowndes! :) 
 Agreed. The exception is when it gets stained but it really should not given the oiled nature of the leather. 
The 325 is one of the wider lasts C&J makes; as such I would go with the 6.5E to minimize the possibility of heel slippage. Compared to the Clifton and the 108 last the 325 is definitely wider so again I would go with your normal size rather than size up.  
Please feel free to stop by the store at your convenience to see and try on the boots we have in stock.  We have five new styles of Carmina boots along with many Crockett and Jones boots.    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
 Functionally they work the same way so they are just different trade names. For example Tarrago has the Hightech Nano Protector, which could be to which Butterfeet is referring. Saphir calls their solution the Super Invulner.
You could use the Saphir Omni'Nettoyant for really stubborn stains it is like a shampoo for suede. Saphir also has coloured Renovateur sprays for suede that works like cream for calf in adding back colour. 
 In the benchgrade collection the 236 should fit your feet better. It is a very traditional British last that still looks sleek. If you would like to step up to the handgrade collection most of the lasts should fit as they tend to be fuller and more rounded in general.  
Just going by looks the Alfred Sargent is too tight the outline of your big toe is visible. The Yanko is harder to tell I would say it is more likely than not too loose seeing how the shaft is pretty much completely closed. Of the three the Meermin appears to be the best fit based on the pictures but it is hard to say for certain without seeing them in person.  Ideally your toes should be where the toe box starts to drop off and there should be some give to the leather...
Is the toebox pressing against the top of your fourth toe? If that is the case going up a width will generally help but as you say that puts things in the EG price range. Alternatively you could try some different lasts Crockett & Jones makes shoes on a very wide range of lasts. 
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