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The 325 is one of Crockett & Jones' widest lasts and has a lot more room overall compared to the Rain.  
There is the Hallam II, Merton II, and Monkton II in the Hand Grade Collection that are on the 348 last in crocodile. As for the 358 the only one available at the moment is the Chadwick II.
Their last guide is likely still a work in progress. At the moment the Hand Grade Collection has shoes on the 337, 348, 358, 363, and 373 last. 
The Forest has less room in the toe box than the Inca so it is likely a good idea to size up half if you prefer something that as snug. 
 Don't mention it. Glad to hear that the Inca fits you well; it is a very comfortable and shapely almond toe last. Almost all of our customers take the same size in the Rain and Inca. 
The Inca is quite roomy in the toe compared to the Rain. It is roomier than the Robert and Soller as well despite the way it looks. 
For a wholecut we would recommend it be made in calf. Cordovan rolls, which would not look as good as calf, which creases horizontally, on more formal shoes. In our opinion cordovan is better suited for more casual shoes and boots.  
The Inca and Rain last should work for your feet. 
What would constitute an evening out in your context? If it's to dinner or something similar I would recommend the Edgware; however, if an evening out is to the opera or an even more formal occasion the Alex would be better suited. 
 Congratulations! Carmina makes some of the nicest looking dress boots on the market. The design works very well with a suede or country grain shaft as well. 
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