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Personally I find Inca and Soller to have more room in the toe box compared to the Simpson both in height and width; the Simpson required some extensive breaking in for me and still isn't as comfortable as the Inca or Soller out of the box. 
I don't have a particularly high instep and did size up 1/2 for the Simpson relative to the Inca and Soller. Nonetheless I would say that the Simpson last is not the most suitable for those with high instep given the overall narrowness of the last; it is Carmina's most narrow last. 
 That split toe single monk is pretty iconic if you ask me. Looks great!
Usually people go half a size up on the Simpson last. 
Don't mention it. Confirmation that he takes 9UK for the Simpson last. 
He wears 8.5F in Saint Crispin's, 9 UK in G&G, 8.5E in EG. STC's F is similar to a UK E. For Alden he wears 9 or 9.5 US. 
Yes I have seen him wear STC and EG so it would not surprise me that he would own GG as well. Are there particular lasts and/or brands that you would like to compare? I will ask him to get his take. 
Never ordered from them before personally but I do know that duties will be 18% and taxes another 13% so those should be taken into consideration when weighing a purchase from Skoak. At least that way you will know the maximum price you might have to pay so there are no surprises; if it comes through customs with no assessment then it's a pleasant surprise. 
Personally I don't have any GG shoes nor have I had the chance to try them to offer my opinion. I believe you have some EG shoes correct? Mr. Venneri would be a good source for sizing advice as he has both EG and GG. I recall that he did say they have very different wearing sensations and likened GG to wearing a wetsuit. I could certainly ask some of my contacts that own GG to get their opinion as well. 
As others have said most people have to size up half a size on the Simpson. Personally that is what I have done as well. Having said that everyone's feet aren't going to be exactly the same so use the advice as a guideline. Nothing will beat the ability to try the last in person to see how they fit. 
New Posts  All Forums: