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  Yes, I am unsure if I should wear the suit.  Could I wear the button down with a suit?  I have a very nice navy suit from Luigi Borrelli that I have used for an interview.
Beautiful!  Can you provide some Vass shoes in the Last Budapester?  
Hello, would like to purchase this one.  Please send some payment details as I am new to the forum  
This thread is simply sublime!  So many incredible posts   -Jugis  
Dear Styleforum friends,   I just moved to the United States from Lithuania for a new position in finance.  I will be starting the position next week.  As I am new to style and fashion, I wanted to assess what I am to wear to the office to begin the job on the first day.  The first impressions are important to me. What I shall wear for now is the following:   -Sportcoat by Sartorio, gray flannel with stripes -Trousers by Incotex, navy -Shirt by Borrelli,...
Wow, wish I was in Vienna.  Any proxies?  New member here  
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