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I just need a good outfit that goes with the blue jeans.  Any suggestions? :)
What do you guys think of this look? I have black v-neck under my cardigan and I am wearing grey suede shoes.
I am 5' 6" this is what I do. Buy slim fit jeans/pants. Wear shoes with a heel. Low raise!!!
Haha I know what you mean.  Like i like it but it doesn't feel "balanced" 
Hello!  I was just going through my closet and put this outfit together.  It is the denim shirt under blazer/suit jacket. The shirt is from h&m.  Jeans are Levis Suede grey shoes are from calvin Klien 
H&M I have about 2 pairs and they are holding up pretty good.  Don't wash them in hot water or put them in dryer they might shrink a bit
lmaoooooo im confused
So in my high school everything is gay if only couple people wear it!  PEACOATS gay, SCARVES gay, BLAZERS gay.......  Okay the other day this was my outfit, white v neck,black blazer,dark gray scarf,dark blue jeans with black chucks.  I thought it looked good but people said it was gay cause no one wears it like this... WAIT let me tell you what they wear, aeropostle,hollister,abercomie AND BAGGY ASS SHIT.  I like my clothes ill keep wearing them and i dont care about...
i was thinking of wearing black v neck and black blazer with dark washed jeans. i wanna know some of your opinions oh +a scarf
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