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It's a terrible look, they are long and slim; basically just chinos that have been extremely hemmed.  Bring back the 80s shorts that looked and felt good, that weren't too slim nor too baggy, that were comfortable to wak around in.  I want regular fit shorts that show some thigh, not skinny short that stop at the knee.
I think OP wants women of some quality though.  I've seen unfounded confidence from market street bums, they get turned down by hoodrats.
yes, stopped working.
where can i get this blzer: it's thinner and more form fitting than the usual blazer.
thanks, I will take this advice.  Lots of wise advice in this thread.  Since then, I am no longer working and trying different outlets(starting my own business, reading about pickup, etc.)
good luck OP, try not to get to depressed.  Dress better, keep yourself impeccably groomed, and you'll make up for other stuff
your life must suck then
an acquaintance and I were arguing this.  Would you have sex with someone for money if you were attracted to them anyway?  For example, if a person's boss offers a promotion contingent on a sexual encounter, but he's secretly attracted to her and would actually do it for free.     How would you feel about that, would you do it?  On principle, it's bad because you are selling yourself for money.  But common sense wise, why not?  You would do it in another scenario, just...
thanks lurkers
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