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Hey, I was just browsing through old posts and noticed your question. The man carrying the briefcase is William White who is the founder and owner of Scarpe Di Bianco (Awesome Shoes!). I would bet that the briefcase is one of the limited run of bags made by or for Di Bianco.  I'm familiar with the shoes(six pair, favorite brand) and website so I know they don't sell them through the site but I'm sure they would help you out if you write them an email. Ive seen them on sale...
These bad boys are truly one of a kind. They were made for a series of proposed limited edition shoes Brioni was planning to make a limited edition of 500. Unfortunately the project was scrapped just months before Brioni was acquired by PPR in 2011. Though this shoe was made as a prototype/sample it is compleatly finished and ready to wear. They measure true to size and are mint condition. They will be shipped in a Brioni box with Brioni dust bags. Those who are fans of...
NWB size 9.5 Brioni single monk strap with gold buckle. Made from cordovan( horse hide) leather. Please add 15$ for US shipping contact me for International shipping.
4in(normal width)
Thanks for the great thread its always help full. Does anyone remember when Leffot starts their annual sale. That's what I've been saving for unless anyone has tips for a store that carries similar stock of brands on sale. Thanks
<--------Knew Andy Warhol was still alive! (photo of "Parker")
Good point, I forgot UK uses different letters for labeling the width. Thank you
Sorry if this question has been asked more than once I did a quick search and have yet to find an answer. I bought my first pair of Marlow's last week off ebay and they were listed as a US 12 and the listing specifically stated that they were made/sized for the US market. From what Ive read about the sizing of the Marlows most agree that they run a half size large. That being said I wear a US 12 -13 depending on if I want room for insoles. I knew at first glance after...
Brand new with box, trees,and monogrammed shoe bags. Marked UK 12 but fit a 13 wide(E-EE) 4,75-5 inch width. Were made for J Lideberg as picture shows also comes with black J Lindeberg Tote bag. Shipping includes US shipping if international please write me and we can discuss. Please PM with questions.
I bought one of the bone folders through Hanger Project. While I feel I get similar results from firmly messaging  out waves/creases in my shell using my thumb and a small booger of Reno, It saves my thumb from cramping up and is quite easy to control. Being that its a quarter of the price of the Flintstones club sized deer bone its a nice tool in my tackle box.  
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