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Hello guys, I need a seersucker suit MTM - or OTR with modification, but I usually start with XS and have it taken in - in NYC. I guess online is okay if I can save hundreds of bucks on it... can you suggest a good place to look?
[misposted reply, sry]
I grew up in Hungary, a heavily German-influenced culture, am half German by blood, watch German television daily, and spent quite a lot of time in Germany and Austria... And even so (or because of that), I am always a bit surprised when people say that there is some kind of German suit tradition that is significantly distinct from the British and Italian styles. I always think about it, and go "wow, really? I never noticed." Well joke aside that Germans are badly dressed...
So as I promised, the trousers. This is how it looks overall. Colors are a bit off on the photo, the fabric is nicely textured charcoal.   Close-up of the pocket:     Keyhole buttonhole:     Inside-out:     How it fits:    
  That's because you're German. :) (I just checked it on your profile.) This kind of garment just doesn't have a history in Europe outside the navy. Even in Britain it's very specific to sailing or yachting... So I guess it can be considered an Americana.
Currently I have a weird Frankenstein's monster of an informal navy blazer that I had my alteration tailor make from scratch based on photos. She's a women's tailor specializing in couture, so it's not exactly her area of expertise, still it turned out okay, even if significantly different from what I intended (and at a total cost of around $100). It's fused, thick navy worsted, patch pockets, 4x1 DB with dark blue resin buttons and notch lapels (yea I know, OMG)....
My suit was ready this week, but I left the jacket there for some adjustments. The front ended up being really boxy, sacky looking, and I asked the tailor to take it in to give it a more military-ish look, so pictures will have to wait until next week. I'll post some pics of the trousers tonight.   Overall impression, it's a solid, conservative, canvassed suit. Keyhole buttonholes, the canvas is very firm over the chest and shoulders. I have no reason not to like it,...
  Well not taking offense is one thing, and the whole thing being in principle totally classless is another. It's like... well... erm... Not exactly insulting, just classless and tactless. A breach of diplomatic conduct.
I had the first fitting this week. The suit has started to flesh out pretty well. It's fun to see how a fully canvassed jacket looks when it's in the making. I can't wait to post the images when it's ready. :)
Funny how Western cultural traditions are kept alive by the Japanese. :)
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