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Hi milw50717,   Thank you for the tip but this feels too small for my needs. It looks like after putting in laptop -if it would fit in- there would be not much place left.
Hi, I am not sure but were you replying to me? I cannot locate anything called Small Travel Bag on the Filson page or anywhere else. And are you sure that it would fit in 17" MBP? Thanks, J
Thank you for your reply deem. You were really helpful. I think that my 17" MBP should fit in with the sleeve as this is really thin one. I will go with medium Traveler then. Probably will order it form US. Cheers.
Hello All Filson-ophiles,   I am about to buy my first ever Filson bag. It is supposed to be a replacement for my Freitag F46 CLARK bag ( If you know the model mentioned above you know that I am used to have quite heavy and big bag and also equipped with almost one compartment only.   I will use this bag: - when going for a weekend or few days long trips (MacBookPro 17", iPad, chargers,...
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