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Just to clarify, I disagree that Tod's deserves not be loved. I find them the perfect weekend shoes, specially in good weather.   As for the price I am open to discuss all reasonable offers. 
Thank you, I disagree.
For sale I have this pair of dark burgundy Tod's shoes. Retail in the range of $450. I ask for $199 $149 plus shipping (which depends on location). PM me!    Come with original box and bags. Brand: Tod's Color: Dark Burgundy Size: 11 US / 10 UK / 44 1/2 EU Sole: Leather with iconic Gommino rubber pebble.      
It looks good. How do you feel in it? If it feels comfortable leave it as is. It is also a matter of personal preferance. How tight you want your jacket to feel. Incidentally, I recently had my measurements taken by a new tailor (first commission)  from Italy and he asked me how I want it to fit, suggesting a range from loose to really tight. He suggested a tight fit as more "Italian" ;)
I respectfully disagree. I do resole my shoes and keep them for years and years... I think old worn shoes are very elegant and in a way I develop a connection with them... But I am just be a shoe neurotic as you said... :)
I am not a good source of advise because I do not like grey suits. I would go for another blue and then yet another blue... :) 
Beautiful fotos. I like the classic blue-brown and blue-green looks. Thank you for the fotos!
I would not worry too much. Kiton looks great with no stays. It accentuates the beautiful soft collar.  
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