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Thank you. I agree. I have trouble finding shirts sometimes with a 16" neck that are fitted for a 32" waist. It's either a very common size so they're the first to go or uncommon all together. This one actually shrunk on me after it's first wash and felt more like 15". I ended up unbuttoned at the top. The tie hid that so I was comfortable. I'm thinking of attempting more bow-tie gear. Something like this page.
Thank you. I'll work on getting into the right area of the forums. I held off on cumberbuns. I was concerned I'd look to much like wait staff. The restaurant's waiters all wear black ties and cumberbuns and I knew this in advance from having been to these parties before. So far I've had several compliments and believe it or not people check if the tie is a clip on. It isn't. Luckily my youngest had a play date and the father of the friend is a bow tie efficianado so...
Watch out!! *booty slap*
Ice Cream Man cometh...... Please pay special attention to the TARDIS iPhone cover.
Agreed. I should have been an Ice Cream man. It was hilarious though. My kids loved it and wife went to bed angry. A great laugh for a $13 shirt and a $10 bow-tie. Well worth the price.
Yes no?
Not trolling but will probably be accused of it.
This is my first post. First I wanted to see if this would actually be read before continuing with other posts. I'm not a very 'fashionable' guy. Jeans and T-shirts mostly. I have a Christmas part to go to and wanted some advice. In the past I have worn standard black slacks, white long sleeve shirt and a red tie. I was trying to go out of my comfort zone a little. I told my wife I was thinking of wearing a bow-tie. She dared me so I took it a step further and...
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