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Any update on the shearling lined dark brown boot? Another idea for the upper could be hatchgrain. (The Shoemaker World webstagram)
@DavidLane: Please add me to your list. I have 3 pairs from Meermin so far (dark brown dbl monk, dark brown suede chukka, snuff suede boot) and all have impressed. A shearling lining sounds fantastic. 
Cheers! This particular pic came during my holiday in Hong Kong. There's a polisher in Murray Road Carpark, Central who did this using Kiwi polish for $50hkd. I normally shine shoes myself with Saphir Creme Surfine & Kiwi for polish & buff, but I'm a sucker for these old Hong Kong traditions that will sadly die out with their generation.
Shiny enough? It takes time and the spit-n-shine.   
  After a $30hkd polish at Theatre Lane, Hong Kong.  
My first go at Goodyear welted shoes and I am very pleased with the result. Email conversation with Luisa took 3 days, the shoe was ready to be shipped within a week. I received the shoe 4 days later. From start to finish it took 2 weeks and that included discussion on specific shoe availability. Very pleased with the speed of communication by Luisa and Sandro. Regarding the shoe, no defects apparent and shoe fit was spot on. Will be looking at the chukkas and oxfords in...
  My work requires me to take off my suit regularly so I trend towards thinner ties. 2.75/3in would be my preferred width but they are more difficult to find.     Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes they are the finished article. Could they have been cleaner? The fabric is relatively thick.    Does anyone have any comments on the sleeve width or shoulder? I feel like it could be tapered further from the elbow down and the shoulder head puckers too much. It also feels a...
    Yes, they are functional buttons.   Banz is located on the 2nd floor of Houston Centre, East TST. He's only been open for 2 years, but has over 20 years of tailoring experience. To be fair, I would never have known about him had it not been for a local friend who referred me to him. His client base is very impressive though, especially considering how new he is to such a competitive market. The time I went for a fitting for my second suit, he had just arrived from the...
Pictures of my second suit from Banz Custom Tailors. David Forster Super 160 Cashmere Wool 2 piece.      Fitting. Bang shortened the sleeves and further let out the waist.        Metal side tab trousers with quarter break.     Right chest. Bang managed to get David Forster lining.      Left chest. Three pockets.        Close ups. Love how warm this is going to keep me!   Comments appreciated. Again thank you to...
@Satorialist. There is indeed a significant difference between my shoulders and waist. However, I suspect that it hasn't been helped by my awkward posture in the picture and my insistance on heavy waist suppression. I had another suit tailored with much less suppression and the fit was much better so I'll probably ask Bang to let out the waist on the first suit when I'm back in town. 
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