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Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Worn with SF's favorite mistake, open quarters with low-rise trousers, it will be quite visible. Or, if the cummerbund is not worn, an unsightly flash of shirt to break up the visual, i.e.: Combined with the comically inept fit, it's a recipe for distaster. This, however, is excellent advice. +1. Also, a cummerbund gives a longer and more...
Rick, I am sure that those are formal shirts. I gather that you doubt that because of the colors that some were made up in? Many old line English makers (New & Lingwood, for one) offer formal shirts in blue as well as pink and cream ( silk). If the buttons are not attached to a cloth strip for removal and substitution of studs, that would be an oddity for a formal shirt. Cheers! RBP
The New York Times, The Economist, The New York Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement, London review of Books and The New Yorker.
No, no no. It's AE code for Vox and for second. W split is two Vs (Vox) squared, or V2. The 2 equals second/s. Am I the only guy aside from Vox who knows this?
I have a pair and like them. I also wear a pair of black velvet Belgians and an embroidered pair of black velvet Stubbs and Wooton slippers. Choice depends on the setting. Oh, I forgot: I also have a pair of monogrammed Albert slippers from some forgotten English maker.
Some sham sleeve buttonholes will leave a permanent mark when removed, depending on how the sham was sewn and the type of coat fabric. A skilled tailor can assist you in your decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke scratch that - all the pairs I like will take "6 months to a year" to order lol why stop there? how about delivery in 2015 while we are at it.. ? who would order RTW shoes and wait a year? seems silly This thread reminds me that I need to call Belgian shoes to see if Margery is still working, She is a sweetheart and has always handpicked my shoes to make sure the bows are centered...
At one time I had approximately a dozen black tie events that I attended at my clubs. I resigned from the last one recently, so that leaves me with one formal event each year. Interestingly it is an event to which white tie may be worn. I have a set of tails but I do not like my shirt and vest. I would probably have to have them made. Some day perhaps.
As I recall from reading an article on him that was published some years ago, he patronizes Anderson and Sheppard, favoring bold patterns.
I am fifty one and have been wearing tasseled loafers since I was twenty. I have several pairs, the oldest being a very sleek pair from Tricker's in a snuff suede. I special ordered them in 1988 and they still have their original soles and heals. The price was eighty five dollars.
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