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At one time I had approximately a dozen black tie events that I attended at my clubs. I resigned from the last one recently, so that leaves me with one formal event each year. Interestingly it is an event to which white tie may be worn. I have a set of tails but I do not like my shirt and vest. I would probably have to have them made. Some day perhaps.
As I recall from reading an article on him that was published some years ago, he patronizes Anderson and Sheppard, favoring bold patterns.
I am fifty one and have been wearing tasseled loafers since I was twenty. I have several pairs, the oldest being a very sleek pair from Tricker's in a snuff suede. I special ordered them in 1988 and they still have their original soles and heals. The price was eighty five dollars.
I cannot tell what those spots are, or what caused them,from looking at your pictures. "Of unknown etiology." Go to the best dry cleaner and ask if they can be removed.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria So, I saved my favorite Biddle photos, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Biddle's last year of life (1961) with his third wife and children. I think these give a much better sense of how debonair he was...and I'll end with a somewhat humorous set from the same shoot showing him in another mode which I very much approve. Every priority in order: -...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI 4th from the left is gorgeous. I like the coat that is forth from the left best. i have a number of, shall we say, "bold" patterned coats and I enjoy the, all. By the way, I am well under the age of seventy.
As my wife is wont to say, "Pink should be every man's favorite color."
At one time all Oxxford coats were shipped with buttons attached to sleeves. I think that it might have been any additional show of handwork, as the buttons sat like fat soldiers in formation atop thick shanks. The garment that you came across was probably shipped that way. If the buttons are sewn flat to the sleeve fabric, then it is possible the garment has been altered. Creating functional sleeve buttonholes is not an issue with Oxxford garments.
As to the question you ask: no, only those made for the German market have the u-boat pocket. I cannot answer the second as I do not know.
Well, the Duke of Windsor had a number of his ventless jackets converted to double-vented. I assume that alteration was aided by the more generous insets of fabric common in English bespoke clothing. I am going to my tailor this week and will ask him if he can do it and if so, how and under what set of circumstances.
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