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Read his Wikipedia entry. Quite a distinguished life.
The coat collar thing here has really reached ridiculous proportions. you are not suppose to be able to do the locust yoga pose and have the collar stuck to your neck.[/quote] I highly recommend that you watch a clip from the musical "The Band Wagon". starring Fred Astaire. It can be found on YouTube under the title "Steppin' out with my baby" Fred Astaire (I'm sorry I do not know how to post the link.) This has the justly famous slow motion sequence towards the end of...
Blazer buttons are uniform and ornamental. No surgeon ever wore one. And it looks terrible, from my pre-SF experience.[/quote] I disagree. Hunt buttons on hunting coats are often set in functional buttonholes on bespoke and non-bespoke jackets alike (in England, at any rate.) I collect antique livery, club, hunt and military buttons, most from the nineteenth century. Because the have a substantial loop on their reverse they do not look so well sewn onto sleeves...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Colin Firth in TF: Don't like it.
I suggest that you take the coat to a furrier if you cannot determine whether the collar is real fur or not, or if so, what kind. I would want to see that in an Ebay listing. A skilled tailor can tell you if the fur collar can be removed without much difficulty or not. He might also tell you if the sleeves can be let down to enable you to wear it (if the coat is the right length). It may have already been pointed out in an earlier reply, but the coat is not made by Hickey...
Your coat is beautiful, especially the lapels! How about a picture from the back?
No, Samuelsohn is better.
Cuffs, of course! If you want further support for this choice, look to sartorial icons from the great days of men's clothing. To name but a few: The Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, Anthony Biddlle, Cary Grant, etc., etc., etc. As has been pointed out here before, cuffs can be removed, whereas plain bottom trousers cannot have cuffs added.
[quote=someotherstyle;3834703]Vest is too short No, his pants are worn/cut too low. Looks awful.
Vince of Artona (store name) on Mack Avenue in Grosse Pointe would be a good choice. Vince is a highly skilled tailor and very pleasant to talk to. If you saw the movie Gran Torino, Vince appeared as the tailor who fits Eastwood's in a suit. The scene was shot in Vince's store.
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