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No, silk can be that shiny. But the edges are machine sewn, so I'd wager it's fake.
The best accessory in that movie is David Hemming's Rolls Royce convertible. The women, taken as casually as sweets from a dish, are rather nice as well.
RJMan-Thanks for another great list of items. BTW, the Cifonelli suit was made for Rex Harrison.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand What do you guys think of this coat? Ugly? Too much? Okay? Need some input. Great coat! Very English country look. I like the slanted pockets with flaps that are horizontal at their ends. Nice pattern matching as well. Would look better with the top button undone. Do you know who the maker is?
Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy Longwings. They just have zero appeal to me. Strange, I was thinking just that when I saw the title to this thread. I have never understood the fetishization of longwings on this forum. Virtually every pair that I have ever seen was ugly.
If not Samuesohn, then likely Cardinal, a good maker.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip Is it crazy that I prefer metal stays so I can actually place a slight bend in the stay to give the collar some shape? No! I currently bend the rounded/pointed ends of my plastic stays to help impart a slight concave shape to the line of the collar. Using metal stays in the same fashion is a great idea.
I never use a square fold. While I think that it works quite well as part of a certain aesthetic, it has become the default method of deployment for too many. I think that this may be in part because the alternative ways of folding, stuffing, etc., may be intimidating to many; after all it is easier to use a square fold than it is to master a multi-point fold that does not look to studied or too conspicuous . All of my sartorial models mastered the art of an elegantly...
I received a sterling silver card case one after I served as best man for one of my closest friends. It came from Tiffany. Sadly. it is still in the original box, as I have never used it. When I was working, I put business cards in each of the left hand outside pockets of all of my suits. A card case just seemed a bit precious to me.
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