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As long as you are not wearing the shorts too low, thee length looks fine. I am puzzled as to what type of look you wife is imagining (no snideness implied ).
Try looking at the selection of pants at Shop The Finest, an affiliate vender whose store icon is at the top of the page. The rise, as well as all other pertinent dimensions, are specified. Selection and size representation is excellent, too.
I have read that John D. Rockefeller was suckled by a wet nurse in the last months of his life owing to his inability to digest solid food.
It could be a panel from a three panel screen. The painting looks as though it is part of a larger picture. Screens were often painted in such styles on canvas and mounted to a wooden frame/s. It is done in a pastoral style that references earlier european paintings as well as tapestries. If you have an auction house or antique dealer/s in your area, I would have them come to take a look. Given the state in which you live, I imagine that there are plenty of antique dealers...
Pickings have been slim at the thrift shop I have frequented since my days in high school. The older monied generation that bought bespoke clothing is no more. The clothing that comes in now is of lesser quality and interest. That having been said, I picked up an older Brioni navy blazer and an Oxxford super 130's jacket for a total of eighteen dollars. Not my size, but I hope to put them up on Buying and Selling eventually...
You might call Trillion in Palm Beach. They carry or used to carry needlecord trousers in every shade imaginable.
" You'll look great when urine our pants!" * * Trademark pending
No, silk can be that shiny. But the edges are machine sewn, so I'd wager it's fake.
The best accessory in that movie is David Hemming's Rolls Royce convertible. The women, taken as casually as sweets from a dish, are rather nice as well.
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