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I found them to be quite durable and I've worn them for thirty years.
RJman; Thanks for another interesting gathering of items. I rather fancy the H and H rufflle front shirt, though it's not my size. I bought a similar shirt made for Harrod's in the sixites with a 14 1/2 " collar for my wife, who loves it. Cheers!
I subscribe to: The New York Times, The Economist, The New York Review of Books, The London Book Review and The Times Literary Supplement. Plenty to chew on.
I hear Alan Greenspan appears in an uncredited cameo role.
I would ask Sam Hober if he would make one up for you. He does not offer them on his site, but he might be up for a one-off commission. Also, you could contact Will of A suitable Wardrobe. I am sure he could point you in the right direction. Good luck and let us all know what you find.
^ I would also suggest using the leg of your wife and/or girlfriend to tie your bow tie/s on. Of course if your bow tie to be tied, fully extended, will only fit around her ankle, you may wish to reconsider this idea.
The steps to tie a bow tie are the same as those used to ties one's shoelaces-assuming that the wearer does not tie his shoes with a granny knot. I agree that guides are not very helpful. I would suggest that the frustrated novitiate go to a reputable men's store and ask a salesman to show you how. Stay until you get it right. In my years as a "counter-hopper" in a fine old men's store, I gave many lessons in how to tie a bow tie.
Manuel Canova's Brune et d'Or is a favorite for me and my wife.
I could not agree with RSS more. I think that the OP's actions are equivalent to theft. The store assumed a reasonable monetary gamble ordering the shoes for the OP based on the possibility of a sale. Do you think that they would have done this if they knew the OP intended to use them as a basis for fit only? As a result the store has to pay for a pair of shoes that have a limited possibility of selling. That is what I call theft. Such an action can in no way be...
Thanks for the most enjoyable posts, RJMan. BTW, I have danced with the girl who danced with the Prince of Wales(Duke of Windsor). She was not terribly impressed- she saw him numerous times at hers parents' parties in Palm Beach- which was a bit disappointing to me.
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