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I hear Alan Greenspan appears in an uncredited cameo role.
I would ask Sam Hober if he would make one up for you. He does not offer them on his site, but he might be up for a one-off commission. Also, you could contact Will of A suitable Wardrobe. I am sure he could point you in the right direction. Good luck and let us all know what you find.
^ I would also suggest using the leg of your wife and/or girlfriend to tie your bow tie/s on. Of course if your bow tie to be tied, fully extended, will only fit around her ankle, you may wish to reconsider this idea.
The steps to tie a bow tie are the same as those used to ties one's shoelaces-assuming that the wearer does not tie his shoes with a granny knot. I agree that guides are not very helpful. I would suggest that the frustrated novitiate go to a reputable men's store and ask a salesman to show you how. Stay until you get it right. In my years as a "counter-hopper" in a fine old men's store, I gave many lessons in how to tie a bow tie.
Manuel Canova's Brune et d'Or is a favorite for me and my wife.
I could not agree with RSS more. I think that the OP's actions are equivalent to theft. The store assumed a reasonable monetary gamble ordering the shoes for the OP based on the possibility of a sale. Do you think that they would have done this if they knew the OP intended to use them as a basis for fit only? As a result the store has to pay for a pair of shoes that have a limited possibility of selling. That is what I call theft. Such an action can in no way be...
Thanks for the most enjoyable posts, RJMan. BTW, I have danced with the girl who danced with the Prince of Wales(Duke of Windsor). She was not terribly impressed- she saw him numerous times at hers parents' parties in Palm Beach- which was a bit disappointing to me.
I would be cautious buying a suit made up in 130's. I say that because I own several garments made up in 130's or close to that fineness and they are prone to shining. This is coming from someone who has a large rotation and who wears clothing with care and views a trip to the dry cleaner as something to be done only when truly necessary. I like the suit well enough but I would advise a less delicate fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Sleeves too long. This must be RTW. Is there a Dictator's Wearhouse where you go to get stuff like this? And the jacket is double vented but what's going on back there? I don't even want to speculate. He looks like Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The guy in the back looks like Curtis Sliwa's fat cousin who is itching to kick his ass.
Looks like it.
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