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Are the solids one size or individually sized?
Well, I'm sorry that I can't give you any additional advice. I can tell you that my brother-in-law had a 24 in drop while playing college football in the sixties. Six foot three, 56 inch chest and a 32 inch waist.
Yes, I have worn a pocket square in the breast pocket of my chesterfield. Most often I tuck my hogskin gloves (a very pale yellow) in the pocket. I receive compliments from mostly older gentlemen of my acquintance who seem to appreciate such touches.
In my early twenties I had a navy blazer made with four deep internal pockets (I wanted one in each tail but my tailor refused). With the deployment of the two outer pockets I was able to order six beers at last call, along with two to three on the bar to shotgun. Postscript: I have been sober for over twenty five years.
Henry Stewart made all of "Bobby's" clothing for The Untouchables. De Niro was a client at the time. He told me that he made all of the clothing exactly as it would have been made in the thirties. He was rather contemptuous of Cosner wearing Armani.
Uh, a six foot tall transvestite?
From Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette, 1954 edition: " Even for quite formal occasions the best-dressed men wear white soft front, pleated, or plain collar-attached (or separate starched collar) shirts and, in summer, even button-down collar shirts with bottoned wristbands." I am from Detroit, specifically Grosse Pointe Farms. I have seen the practice under discussion for years, though it has never been the choice of the majority. It seems to be something...
It has long been acceptable within the WASP canon of dressing to be able to wear a button-down shirt with a dinner jacket in the summer. Most of those that I seen were made of broadcloth. Typicaly worn with a Brooks Brothers shawl collar dinner jacket and opera pumps or Belgian Shoes' formal slipper. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey I don't have a problem with it. The store is not a public park. It is someone's business. It's private property. If I go over to someone's house because they are having a yard sale, I expect to be approached by the home owner and greeted. It's basic hospitality. It's hardly rude for a sales associate to speak to you. As a shopper, you don't have any rights that are violated by the sales associate asking if he can help...
Yes, it is. I first read about him in Beebe's The Big Spenders.
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