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LK- Beautiful boots! Who made them?
"Juice box?" Let us hope so.
Samuelsohn has a comparable model, and should have a good selection of gray fabrics to choose from. London Badge and Button used to carry a button almost identical to the one shown, if you want it.
WWBD? (What would Bunny do?)
By the way, who was the shirt made by and at what price?
This jacket is not "shopworn", it is damaged. The photographs clearly attest to that. The presence of tags means nothing in light of the state of the collar. The only right thing to do is to give a full refund. That that course is is in question is unconscionable.
There are so many! Two that come to mind that are somewhat offbeat are the original Casino Royale for David Niven's Edwardian clothing and the comic gem A New Leaf. I highly recommend ANL to all who have not seen it. The character played by Walter Matthau wears superb bespoke clothing. The tailor is shown briefly in one scene and is credited at the end of the film. The tailor's name I have forgotten, but his name has been posted on this forum.
Are the solids one size or individually sized?
Well, I'm sorry that I can't give you any additional advice. I can tell you that my brother-in-law had a 24 in drop while playing college football in the sixties. Six foot three, 56 inch chest and a 32 inch waist.
Yes, I have worn a pocket square in the breast pocket of my chesterfield. Most often I tuck my hogskin gloves (a very pale yellow) in the pocket. I receive compliments from mostly older gentlemen of my acquintance who seem to appreciate such touches.
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