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I have bought many Brioni sport coats with a swatch of jacket fabric in the pocket. Also included were sleeve buttons and an extra coat button. Seems to be a regular practice for Brioni. Enjoy your sport coat.
In my experience, high quality cashmere is quite durable. I have a chesterfield made by Chester Barrie that is showing no signs of wear after sixteen years. I have found camel hair to be a bit more perishable. Durability of any cloth is to a great extent determined by quality. I am sure that there are many members who have experience with the types of cloth that you would find suitable.
I don't know. That is Kim Philby, isn't it?
Wrecks havoc on pedestrians who are premature ejaculators.
I believe that it is how6955.
Most likely, yes. I have bought quite a few of such handkerchiefs over the last few years for my wife. The quality of the linen and the embroidery is superb, surpassing anything that I have seen that is produced currently. Please post pictures!
Take the coat to a competent tailor and ask him to reset the lapel roll as well as see that the collar is properly pressed.
^ Excellent advice. I prefer solid shaving soap in a wooden bowl. I think that it's easier to use and if you drop the bowl it is less likely to shatter as will the tub that the shaving cream comes in if it is dropped.
The great nineteenth and twentieth century dandy Evander Berry Wall.
Aubade makes beautiful lingerie, etc., for women. I have bought many pieces for my wife over the years. I highly recommend their product. Their calenders are rather nice, too! Wish I was in Paris.
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