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Dry cleaning, however, will not remove the strong odor of sulphur.
Thanks for posting a most interesting list of ebay items. You have excellent taste.
M indicates a medium width. These are men's shoes. Material is Lizard Calf. See the Belgian Shoes website for additional information and prices.
^ Yes, B & S is a pale shadow of its former self.
Cy Twombly and Lord Kenneth Clark.
Thank you, 330CK, for another great list of items. Several now on my watch list...
I'd be your man if it were a long. You've got some really nice pieces on ebay.
Thank you for taking the time to put together and post this list. I enjoyed looking at the items listed and may bid on one or two.
Thank you, Shoeluv, for your kind words. I am glad that I could be of help to you. Happy Hunting!
The top coat button either fell off or was removed. With the lapel incorrectly pressed flat it would make an unsightly bulge,especially due to leather buttons are used. The piece of fabric secured by two buttons on the inside of the coat front is the throat latch. It can be attached to the buttons on either side of the inside coat collar edges when the coat is buttoned up with the collar turned up.The coat dates from the mid seventies to the mid eighties. The number you...
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