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Came home from work to find blue suede desert boots from herring and chocolate brown flannel trousers from Charles tyrwhitt waiting for me. Today is a good day!
Intinterested in joining in on this if there's room for one more
so this was waiting for me when I got home. Bought an umbrella from them and got bombarded with loyalty coupons for a few weeks so went for it, got 5 shirts for about $120. Feel really nice, good patterns, collar Is a little roomier than was expecting but for the price of each shirt it's worth taking a crack at
local store had a 50c shoe bin for today only   Church's Handmade Prima Classe sz 9       Sanders Sz7  
fresh off ebay, marked Birmingham look like they have only been worn a handful of times    
Go for a stroll past roger bartholemews in Garema place, the entire window display is Cambridge at the moment.
big thanks @capnwes the Borsalino made it to Australia safe
my daily, not elegant but sturdy and developing a nice patina. Just had some repair work done on the handle
unworn baxters ( first pair of baxters or seen which aren't a Chelsea boot thought was all they made) and this ( please e legit and break my zegna curse)
unworn dead stock Florsheim from 1975( if I read the serial code right) still has the final inspection sticker 8EEE pretty blobby
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