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fresh off ebay, marked Birmingham look like they have only been worn a handful of times    
Go for a stroll past roger bartholemews in Garema place, the entire window display is Cambridge at the moment.
big thanks @capnwes the Borsalino made it to Australia safe
my daily, not elegant but sturdy and developing a nice patina. Just had some repair work done on the handle
unworn baxters ( first pair of baxters or seen which aren't a Chelsea boot thought was all they made) and this ( please e legit and break my zegna curse)
unworn dead stock Florsheim from 1975( if I read the serial code right) still has the final inspection sticker 8EEE pretty blobby
Any members in the Canberra region have a tailors mannequin I can use to take some decent photos of some sports coats I'm going to list on ebay?
what's the general rule on grabbing suits with the zegna cloth label, suit has no other brand labels on it but is in good condition and cheap
. Wool/cashmere tailored sports coat, the tailors tag has a phone number missing a few digits and area code so no idea how old
the curse continues! in a way I think I'm glad cause its so ugly
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