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. Jos a bank 100% silk men's turtle neck
[IMG]. Two Charles tyrwhitt shirts white label one with frenchcuff and purple label one with standard cuff and brass collar stays. Passed on a canali jacket as it was an orphaned suit one and didn't know if able to flip it Good move or run back and get it?
          Starting small but first couple of finds, not sure ill find many of the big names around my local shops but will be keeping an eye out
found a 'Andrea Marinelli 1954' silk tie today as my only thrift purchase. anyone know if that's a good score?
cheers for that, had just forked out 80AUD on shipping for my shaker heights
In Australia so all outta luck was aiming at getting some strawfut calf and linen seconds cause the AE site is out of my size now
any body know if purchasing through the AE Shoebank will allow international shipping?
Hey all am looking buying the shaker heights tonight, in aus so can't go into a store so seeing what experience people have had with the sizing given the last it's on . Am a 10 1/2 D in park avenues as a comparison
  are the colour of the webgems cardinal or football brown?, got a pair coming myself that are black and football brown
hello everybody! first post on the forum,   just starting to build up a nice wardrobe especially shoes, heres my first 2 pairs of allen edmonds the mcallisters i believe are quite old they have the ostendo heel in them but i think the park avenues are quite recent. Have only just started my first big job after finishing university so its second hand allen edmonds at the moment plus live in Australia so unfortunately cant just wander into a store here to get some,...
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