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 That would make sense, thanks!
What happens to MyHabit's stock now that Amazon shut it down?
 I somewhat quickly looked at what each had on exhibition and Moma and the Guggenheim seemed most interesting to me, but I'm definitely open to reconsidering. The Staten Island Ferry was the plan. Did not know, however, that I could drink $4 tallboys while onboard. That is definitely good to know.   This is great, thank you! I assume you cut and pasted all of the concerts? Funnily enough, we're planning on going to Kamasi Washington, but at the Blue Note. Is there a reason...
I'm visiting NYC for the first later this week (14th-21st). Gonna see the Statute of Liberty, probably go to the Guggenheim and Moma, see a play or two, but what else less obvious/touristy should I try to do? I feel like recommendations from locals are generally the  best.
Cool, thank you for the response! Decided to order TTS. I'd like it fit relaxed, but not too much so, so I think this will be good
How does the Richard Blazer run this time around? Some of the pictures make it seems like it's running small. In the past I feel like they've run kinda big?   This one, I mean: https://www.eastdane.com/richard-blazer-robert-geller/vp/v=1/1505919116.htm?folderID=31177&colorId=12867
Great! Thanks so much for the reply!
How does Buttero run? If I'm an 11.5/12 in Clarks Desert Boots, would an 11 in Buttero work or be too small? Thanks :)
Returned the patch bomber in size 50 to the Barneys in Beverly Hills
    thanks for the thoughts guys! very much appreciated!
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