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Cool, thank you for the response! Decided to order TTS. I'd like it fit relaxed, but not too much so, so I think this will be good
How does the Richard Blazer run this time around? Some of the pictures make it seems like it's running small. In the past I feel like they've run kinda big?   This one, I mean: https://www.eastdane.com/richard-blazer-robert-geller/vp/v=1/1505919116.htm?folderID=31177&colorId=12867
Great! Thanks so much for the reply!
How does Buttero run? If I'm an 11.5/12 in Clarks Desert Boots, would an 11 in Buttero work or be too small? Thanks :)
Returned the patch bomber in size 50 to the Barneys in Beverly Hills
    thanks for the thoughts guys! very much appreciated!
Thoughts on the fit of the Tarmac bomber here? Would I benefit from sizing down? I'm 6'1ish 170lbs wearing a 50. Thanks!!    
Thanks guys, @Danzig, @KingJulien, I really appreciate it! Will be sending it back then!
Thanks for the response, @Timbaland. I really appreciate it! Tried it with a white shirt loosely tucked and then with a henley. Any better or do you think I'm better off returning the jacket or maybe having it tailored? Thanks!! Bunch more pictures spoiled below.    More pics:  [[SPOILER]]
Was hoping for thoughts on the fit of this Barena jacket I just got from Yoox. Complete noob status, though I've been lurking for awhile, but is it too big (in the shoulders, the body, in length)? I know it's generally intended as a relaxed fit, but should I size down? This one fit differently/bigger than the ones I've tried on at, say, Barney's; however, it was also quite inexpensive, which is nice. Would taking in the sides help? Also, is it better/more typically worn...
New Posts  All Forums: