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 refresh me on sizing on this jacket?  TTS?
Since tailor thread is dead, throwing this up here. Trying new brand. Front looks good to me. Back needs work. Thoughts?
Any 10US shoe lovers out there?  Price makes them a no brainer even if you only wear them a couple times a year.     http://www.styleforum.net/t/440465/santoni-bnib-antique-brown-ankle-boot-10d-us/0_30
For all those on the fence about chalk stripe, I have had multiple compliments today on my suit...imagine how many if it was a Formosa.  And by compliments, I mean people actually stopping in my office to have a full conversation about the suit.  @PCK1 is preaching the truth on chalk.  
 Thanks and thanks to the other member who gave it to me as a gift   Noted blue would be a good option.  The shirt choice was more a function of white was ironed.  
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