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M fits me better than any other sweater. Like any RTW, fit will work for some but not others.
@Adolesco. Nice vibe, but unbutton that top shirt button. It is pulling and it will look good with the cardigan.
I am in for the Mystique if it stands as is. Don't want the blazer suit since I have so many blue SC already.
 Thanks.  The belt gets a lot of wear because it pairs nicely with all my mid-brown suede shoes from a color and texture perspective.  
x-post from casual thread.  Does a sport coat with no tie or PS belong here or the casual thread?  Curious?   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Sock is hard to see...navy birdseye  
To echo @T4phage , I just got a quote and the below is directly from his email.  Hopefully he doesn't mind, but it should help clarify.    A "Meccariello" shoe starts at Euro 620 until the end of 2014 (and includes a shoe tree) An Aurum shoe starts at Euro 1000 (for crust, boxcalf, suede) until the end of 2014. A three piece bespoke shoe tree is Euro 150 A spring loaded two piece bespoke shoe tree is Euro 120 Metal LuLu toe tips are Euro 50 Last adjustment including...
I believe it was said to be compared to entry level Santoni. Regardless, a wearable, good looking shoe that should fit you better than most RTW.
Hard for me to compare since I couldn't button them up properly due to them being too tight.  The waist is smaller than a 34 Walt or HY old Italian since both of these brands have vanity sizing.     Here is Panta's measurement chart from their website:  
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