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Similar to PJ. The guy measuring you is not the guy making the suit. Although I have a MTM suit and sport coat from two different well known bespoke tailors and I am not thrilled with either. Their MTM product left a lot to be desired in terms of construction options and details. You pay a lot for the name.And to @New Shoes1 and @ericgereghty points, it is not apples to apples given my KW was over email. But they are two MTM options being talked about in the thread and...
While I agree based on those pics, keep in mind that is their personal style. I had them make me a navy seersucker suit last year and was happy with it. Pants did need tweaking. I was actually just visiting them earlier today in NYC for another suit.I have a KW suit and am much happier with my experience at PJ. Just my 2cents. Price points are different but so is the overall experience and product.My pic from last year of the navy seersucker is in the PJ thread. They...
NMWA started carrying invisible socks that work well. Tommy Johns also work well but sometimes not as invisible as I would like depending on the shoe.
Actually one of my favorite brands from NMWA. I own almost every DD sock they sell.
Not my size, but like the way they look broken in a bit.
We haven't had any pics in a while so I'll include the one I just received of my test shoe loafer. Test in burgundy and final shoe will be more in a light brown/reddish color.
I got an insane amount of use out of them last summer. You will love them
I just ordered some drivers. Since they didn't have my size the site says it can take 120 days so you are still in that window.
Mine arrived the other day. Very cool colors in person and great value. Not trying to rub it in just telling you to hop on it if they are restocked.
Any chance of getting an inside picture of the down jacket?  Thanks
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