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 I'm in for #1
wire only
Light blue tie example. Summer wedding. I don't wear it a lot, but love it when I do.
@AJL I think they work for you.  
What does everyone wear for casual rain jackets? Mid or light weight.
Personally, I would like a darker brown for that color gray. And of course, dark brown suede would look great!
^ that is in the works for me. I thought for my first shoe I would go with one of his classics.
if you like slimmer sleeves on your jackets, then working buttonholes are useful. I have a couple suit jackets where I need to unbutton the first button or two to allow room for French cuffs.
Can you get longer cuffs?  Received my first shirt and my only nitpick is the cuff length seems a bit short.  
New Posts  All Forums: