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From this past weekend.    [[SPOILER]]
He started the thread asking for suggestions on specific amounts, so that is what we are doing.  I know the shoes he wears and that provides me enough information to provide a generalized response.  
My $200 suggestion was in direct response to pB and my general expectations of his current situation.  Not a poor college student.    Edit.  ter beat me to it
 Yes   @patrickBOOTH $200-$300 range is a comfortable spot to not be cheap and not be over-the-top.  I would suggest more if you were a very wealthy, retired person north of 50 yrs old, but I am assuming you are still in the "accumulating/saving" phase of your life.  
glenroyal plaid or shepherd check....in for one of those
Not likely. More like 8-10 wins which will put them on the playoff bubble. Your division is no longer a cupcake providing the red carpet to the playoffs.
I signed up to bid only to find out they don't accept Discover Card.
I was wearing bit loafers the first time I met @gdl203   
 well placed in the bit loafer convo
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