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Trying the metal band I bought to go with my Ahoi.  Stayed with the mesh theme from the original band.     [[SPOILER]]
^ don't love the socks, but the shoes and suit are fantastic
 I don't find the IM linen sweaters itchy - you? 
 Great stuff.  @TM79  aren't you a 40L?  He has some other good offerings as well.  I am looking into the one that is closer to a 40R, but need to see pics of the pleats on the pants.  Could be a deal breaker.  
Could you please add a picture of the pleated trousers?  Thank you
 Thanks, just got them back from a long stay at the tailors.  We started with cuffs and ended with no cuffs.   Someone in my office was thoroughly perplexed by them.  “what color are…pause…I mean what are those?”
Rota & Bigi  
 No Eidos in your future
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