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@EFV Comfortable look. Jeans?
Waist on the pants?
 Once I found Roberto Ricetti, I never looked back.  I have tried Sunspel and not overly impressed...suprised you think the hand is better.  I have white Ricette undershirts that are 5 years old and still look and feel brand new.  Edit: Also love the deep V on the Ricetti's v-neck.  Perfect if you want to unbutton the top two buttons on your shirt and still not show the undershirt.  
Yeah, sorry I didn't clarify between hand and bench. The hand, DC Lewis, is well worth trying.
Andrew Lock and Kent Wang use (or have in the past) the same factory for suits, not shoes. Kent sells DC Lewis shoes which are great IMO. Well worth trying.
 True, I should have said coupled with contact.  
Every fan has a bitter "WTF" moment from the games...but how in the world was this not flagged for pass interference in the end zone giving the Ravens the ball on the 1 with a first down?  It is text book face guarding...defender never turned his head.     Suggs gone for the year...that stings    
   And last year they were 13th in yards and 8th in points.  You don't need a top 5 defense to win the big game, but it is extremely difficult if you are bottom 10.
Neither of those teams have a shot this year with those defenses.  Steelers will put up some serious yards when Bell and Bryant are back, but when you put up 500 yards and still loose, you can't win a championship. 
This has nothing to do with this actual thread, but I found it amusing. I just finished ironing my 3yr old's linen shirt for a family picture and notice his buttons are shanked! Shirt is J Crew...they probably don't do that for their men's shirts.
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