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Socks are a bit much, but shoes are killer!
 Looks like a very relaxed fabric...like it is never meant to be buttoned...in a good way.   It is hard to tell with this fabric, but how impressed are you with Luxire's ability to nail details and measurements?  Would you trust them replicating a "nicer" jacket?  Edit:  I have used them for shirts, just on the fence about mailing in a jacket.  They seem to be improving, but I have been waiting until I feel more comfortable.  
 many thanks! 
Just got my shipping confirm.
So, Ahoi has arrived from the Netherlands and I have been wearing it for a couple weeks. Finally got some pictures today. Lots of snow in Boston so these pics only seemed appropriate. I also bought a metal bracelet to go with it and will post some pics once I have made the swap. I know there has been some back and forth about Nomos the past few days. The watch grows on you the more and more you wear it. Oddly I most appreciate how quickly I can read the time due to...
 I would at least go to a store and check out the sale inventory.  Surely you can find jeans, an overcoat/jacket, sweater or shirts that you would use a lot.  Given they carry Isaia, Cucinelli, Coreliani, etc...you should find something.  
Very nice Justin
@Leaves do you wear shoe trees with your Carmina fur boots?  They seem to flatten the fur a bit.  
    I enjoy wearing a PS and will wear them on occasion, but only based on the audience and situation.  I also tend to lean towards non-silk squares.  
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