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@deacon-hh Jeans and shoes? I am on the constant hunt for jeans that work for me. Yours look a bit like a pair of Jacob Cohen I have.
Seersucker, grenadine, suede
What they said. I have smelly feet.
 Sweater bags
Crazy, right? Grey face runs in the family..
 They definitely wrinkle, so please don't misunderstand my comments.  They just wrinkle less than other linen I own.  You need to embrace the linen wrinkle! Only photos she had were with the kids...  
In fact they are and on sale. Mr Sids in Newton.
Ha, thanks. Shoes are Andrea Ventura. Unlined suede...butter on your feet. I also have them in green.Yes, 100% linen. My wife snapped a bunch of pics, so I'll see if she has one of me standing.
 Thanks. Yes, that is after a full days work, a bus and car ride, and playing with my two little ones.  They do wrinkle, but not as much as my other linen pants.  
I promise this was not a set pose.  Wife snapped it in the moment.  I love the Rota linens for the summer.  Great cloth.    
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