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 If you don't mind the drive, Marios in Chestnut Hill is solid.  They have done handsewn buttonholes on a couple Formosas of mine. You do need to be fairly firm in your likes and dislikes...they tend to leave suit sleeves and pant legs long unless you say otherwise.  
great loafer
Bigi in action. I have it two colors. First time I have rocked the green.
I was there yesterday...this is the final week they are open.  Everything 60% off.  I was a bit surprised it wasn't more.  Not a huge selection, but some good looking Sartoria Partenopea, Kiton, Belvest, & Brioni remaining in the suits/S.C. section.  
A bunch of the pictures weren't loading on my phone so I didn't see them all. Seems like 3 and 3r2 worked for those old gents. My preference would still be 2 and I am not a fan on an odd jacket.
 No doubt historical pictures can be very useful.  I was merely saying gents in the 20-30s could have been expressing themselves outside the general rules as well, so it can be misleading without knowing context or intent.  I am purely going on one person's word, I just happen to trust that person.   Side note, I can't tell if any of those pictures are 3 button.  
 Are you assuming the historic pictures are gospel?  I take this tailor's word over you, me, or pictures.  
The owner of my company wears peak lapel for suit and sport coats.  His tailor is a well respected and well known tailor out of NYC.  I was with him one day at the shop, and the tailor didn't hesitate about putting peak lapel on a sport coat, but did tell my boss he was crazy for wanting 3 buttons with his peaks.  He said peaks should always have two buttons.  
 Unfortunately the event is tomorrow.   Maybe I can find some snap bracelets, tight roll my pants, and roll my sport coat sleeves
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