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Eidos/Kimber collab
Casual Saturday. Shirt and new shoes from Eidos
Sometimes he replies quickly sometimes it can take a week. We were exchanging emails last week with little time between replies and now I haven't heard from him in a week. I would suggest waiting a week before confirming with him if he received your email.
Not trying to stir up the loafer debate again, but found this thread that had a nice loafer debate between some old timers for your reading pleasure. http://www.styleforum.net/t/96303/loafers
Which pair is this? Simple but great looking
Ahhh, yes. I was working off Eastern Time so didn't bother to up my bid. Now I know! I'll be ready next time. Thanks
Umm, can I get a replay review on this one?In all seriousness, @rydenfan should win it based on his generous top off bid...more money for the charity and it goes to a good guy. But for future bidding reference, what are the closing rules? I may be misinterpreting them.
I wear no show socks most of the summer with most outfits (obviously not with suits for meetings, etc...). My feet stink too much to not wear socks at all.
That was actually my point. I do know people that will refuse to hire someone if there shoes are not well maintained. It doesn't matter the style of shoe. People can feel fee to disagree, but the fact that there are people factoring this into their hiring decisions should be considered.
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