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Congrats! I am impressed you even got away with the suit
Via @bsarosi via @SpooPoker
Speaking of GG06, I have mine on today
I agree for boots, but I am not a fan of chunky shoes. We can move on and I'll accept I am in the minority here.
  So clunky and unsexy.  Storm welts should be reserved for boots. 
I am not a big single strap fan unless it is offset like the Lobb Jermyn or DC Lewis Clayton. Sounds like a good pair of suede chukkas would be a valuable addition to your wardrobe.Stitch and I are usual on the same page with shoes, but I am not a fan of the Marlow.
@Murlsquirl. Pants look much better in this pic than on the NMWA thread. Farnese belt is great, isn't it? I would prefer a different shoe. Something suede - chukka, strap or string loafer would look nice. Do you own only DM?
 Thanks.  Incotex with a twill pattern
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