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We need more back shots. For me, it is a lot harder to get the back to look nice than the front on different jackets.  
 If we get a couple more replies, we can start a separate thread to see if we can get to 10 or 12 players.  
Purchased from SpooPoker's private collection.  Asking $165 which was my purchase price.  Add shipping.    Why I am selling: It is a bit too big in multiple areas.  I could probably have my tailor alter it to a serviceable state, but it would be costly and probably still not to my liking.     Fabric: It is 100% wool, but a lighter weight (don't know the actual weight).  Fully lined, so I would consider it a 3 season jacket as long as your summers don't get too hot....
 ditto.  i would be in for some Straight to Heaven.  my wife loves the stuff and I am on my last few drops
I meant to hit quote, not the thumbs button. Go with large, they fit pretty slim in the thigh and bum.
The Zegna SC from Spoos private sale is a bit too big on me. If anyone is interested, I would sell to you at the same price of $165. Picture refresher below.
Thanks for the feedback on Cantarelli.  I have passed on the 52.  If anyone who bought the Green & copper herringbone linen sport coat in 50R is having second thoughts, I will take it off your hands.  
Anybody who owns Cantarelli and Formosa, did you go one or two sizes up? Measurements on the site make me think 52 Cantarelli would fit best, but I am a 48 Formosa jacket.
Does SF have a fantasy football league?
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