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And the long wait is over, just received email from Antonio that shoes are in the mail tomorrow.  He provided some additional porn...   [[SPOILER]]
Tried on the 48 in NYC and it was perfect. Email notification set and fingers crossed
Whoever bought grey/blue/brown Formosa in 48, shoot me a note if you are thinking of returning. Been waiting for months to buy and it was gone before I could pull the trigger
Formosa refresh finger getting a work out...need those sport coats to drop
Yes, about that narrow. Although I wear a 9UK in G&G and 9.5US for cobbler union
Oh boy...feeling a new project given I live 2 miles from Wellesley College
 Great initiative TM.  Any ballpark of discount for GMTO?
I wouldn't risk them not being finished on time. Last thing you need to stress about
Ha, yup. Great shoe and great seller
Just admiring my kicks while waiting for the wife shopping...
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