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 Not the best photo examples, but took a quick look at my archives for some of the chukkas I mentioned Alden unlined:   Carmina tobacco suedes    Eidos brown suede more casual rugged vibe
 Apologies for late reply.  Basically what @RogerP said ....depends on the chukka because they vary widely on look.  For example my Alden unlined snuff suede I like with jeans, cords, and cotton and my Carmina tobacco suede I like with dress trousers/sport coats or cotton pants.  
X post from Boots and EB threads but certainly belongs here as well...
Thank you. Lots of info in Enzo thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/48068/enzo-bonafe-handmade-shoes/2730
First wear...
Another first wear
 Thanks.  They are J Fitzpatrick MTO...he has a thread on here, but I can always give you deets if you wanted more info
Ha, I've been occasionally checking threads to keep up to date on what's going on. And most kops have been MTO/MTM so teaching myself patience!
First wear of fall....  
First wear...
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