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If you want to go "sockless", at least pick-up some "no-show" socks: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/men-socks/no-show   The look is best reserved for loafers IMO
Sadly, I have to let go of these great chukkas as they are a half size too big.  New, hand painted, good year welted, great last, for $265 - what's not to like?   Shoe would best fit a standard US10. If you are not familiar with Ed Et Al, the Shoe Snob has featured them many times: http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/tag/ed-et-al $265 includes shipping within the States, box & bags.  They are new, with minor scuffs from me wearing them outside once.   Unfortunately, Ed Et...
include some shoes
fit of the jacket looks great @tchoy !!
  Soooo AJL, since you don't wear suits/sportcoats much, but just received all this Formosa goodness, I just wanted to remind you I am a phone call away when you realize you got overzealous. 
Eidos navy herringbone suit arrived - very nice, fairly thick, fabric.  Off to the tailor this afternoon.  
Measurements on the Brioni?  Not that I can afford it, but would be good to know incase I win the lottery tomorrow
 I guess I am special.  Is that a new Mazz shirt in the pic that hasn't dropped yet? 
 I did not size up for Eidos.  I am typically a 50 and take a 50 in Eidos, 48 in Formosa, & 52 in Cantarelli.   Edit: I take 50 for both Tipo & Lorenzo
 Thanks.  Given the 48 is out of stock, I will give the 50 a shot.  
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