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Many thanks
Any estimated date for next Formosa visit to NYC? Edit: second question. I assume Rota pre-order sizing is same as your offerings from the standpoint that the wool vs. linen vs. cotton are all sized differently? Just want to confirm before pre-ordering different sizes in different fabrics. Thanks
You got it. Fits me well.
On their way across the pond...first MTO through J.Fitz.  He was kind enough to send preview pics.         
First MTOs with Justin on their way across the pond...he was kind enough to send me preview pics.         
good lord @parkman24 !  that is a serious take down.  I have one suit still at the tailor...will be getting back this week and post pics.  Wish I had known I could reduce shoulder shirring, but never thought to ask. Still very happy with the final product.  I'll be keeping an eye out for your pieces strutting around Boston.
@NickPollica anybody besides Saks carry the Cotton Shantung Shorts?  Love the fabric but need to size down and Saks sold out.  Many thanks
 Did you try emailing KW assuming you bought them through him?  If you didn't buy through him he still may be able to help you source the buckle.  Either way you will need to take them to a cobbler to get the buckle attached so it may be worth asking your cobbler if he can source a similar looking buckle.  
For my dad, I like to get him small luxury items that he would never spend money on himself.  And push his conservative boundaries a bit.      
Could you post the sleeve length please?  Many thanks
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