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It always depends on who is giving the compliment.
My suede Double monks get a ton of wear. I don't get the comment about archaic, but too each their own. I get a lot of compliments on the two double monks I currently wear.
I have no experience with Rider or Moretti, but I feel very comfortable at $129 a pair that we are taking little risk given Ron's reputation.
Any noodlers looking for a very economical shoe, head to Ron Rider as he is unloading his Italian line. Just picked up both of the below for a total of $270 (shipping included in that cost). Seems like a good amount of sizes and styles remaining.
 I don't disagree...but I own three of them so I was curious if anything else was in the pipeline.  
 I'm hungry   I ordered 50 (TTS for me) and just tried it on.  Fits well over a my slightly chunky sweater.  Given its length, I probably wouldn't wear it over a sports coat
 Any new designs in the pipeline Kent? 
FC package arrived.  The Rota brown waffle pants are like butter...fabric is fantastic...donegal vibe, but very subtle.  Valstar field coat very solid as well...lots of wear in its future.  Thanks @Patrick R for your help.  
Same here. Just had a suit made from Ed and chose those pockets...look great on a suit IMO....sleek and minimalist.
 I like everything but the sweatshirt.  Obviously the bag is fantastic since I own it as well.   @Synthese  is the sweatshirt dirty or is the photo playing games with me?  And who makes those jeans? 
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