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 Looks nice, but what is under the tarp?  top secret NMWA gear? 
 seriously.  one of the best fitting I have seen with clean lines.  
I have always liked those monks of yours @MSchapiro   How long ago did you receive them?  Curious if Antonio continues to make slight changes to his offerings.  Here is a picture of the sole of the test shoe I just received and it feels more G&G: Edit: my final shoe is a standard line order  
 what leaves said: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-tarnsjo-jumper Surprisingly, my feet do not overheat indoors. They are very comfortable.  Highly recommend. 
Given the amount of questions and confusion, I thought it would be helpful if I posted the original email I received from Antonio regarding his process.  I believe it is a standard email he sends to inquiring people, so I am not posting anything that should be kept private.  I removed the pricing section because it was last year's pricing.     If one of his current customers or moderators think I should remove the post, please let me know.    -----   Thank you for...
     Shoe trees are included in the price of the Standard line.  Obviously they are not custom like the Aurum trees, but I am assuming fit the original last of the shoe.  Someone who actually has received may want to comment. 
 PCK1 was extremely helpful to me when I reached out to him regarding Antonio and a few other makers.  He went above and beyond in answering my questions and providing me information.   As he just mentioned....he may be most useful regarding general question and the Aurum line.    Oh and just received my test shoes today!  
 Vass' mid brown and Carmina's polo suede are both fantastic, rich colors if you like the hint of red.  Carmina's 5 eyelet chukka on Rain last could be perfect for your use. easily pairs with SC or on the weekend with jeans.  Here are mine in tobacco suede:  And the Vass   I would also consider a double monk for use with slacks and SC.       haha, i guess not under utilized by all.  
New Posts  All Forums: