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^if it doesn't work out for me, I'll let you know.
Is there a way to see the Eidos swatch book short of visiting NYC?
Today's going well.
I think it's a great compliment to Frank's style and willingness to experiment that seemingly everyone thinks their favorite items will work on him.
I have two pairs of Geller jeans and they're both low rise. That said, you can just sag 'em a bit and wear one of the Merz unecks or a ts(s) shirt to hide that a bit. Fabric on those jeans looks really cool.
Winter finds. All of these can be worn into deep spring.   Stephan Schneider Garden crisp cotton hidden placket shirt in "arctic" light blue check         Stephan Schneider Pine quilted cotton crewneck pullover in grey     My favorite sweatshirt. Perfect for layering, cool exterior texture, fuzzy and soft on the inside.   Robert Geller Grey twill five-pocket jeans   FrankCowperwood, you would kill it in these, I think.   Mackintosh Khaki green Dunoon...
^ NMWA x Shane Carruth?
I just received my Merz u-neck tshirt. A really fantastic piece. FWIW, I am a 38  and went with the M/5. It's not tight at all. Good length, sleeves are trim, u-neck is just about perfect. Fabric is really nice. Needless to say, I just bought another 3 of them.   Greg/Kyle, will these be a staple going forward? They're awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: