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that dope ts(s) floral jacket is all sold out, somebody post some photos of it in action
Greg, any chance you'll be picking up one of Clegg's tote bags?
  Epaulet appears to be rolling out a $600 suit that could fit your needs, more information here. $600 isn't top of the line, of course, but generally Epaulet will give you decent bang for your buck.
^would love an il micio breast wallet if he makes them
Could you take a photo of the double dainite from underneath and in profile? They look great.
I know, and I'm kicking myself for not getting the one with straps. But none of those colors are as cool as brick. I'll probably try and get the one with straps whenever Greg puts them in the store.
My brick Geller bomber arrived today. Coolest piece of clothing I've ever owned.   Edit: Got it off B+S, but NMWA should rerun it, because it is that cool.
^grey CPO jacket from TS(S) too
New Posts  All Forums: