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For sale is a pair of Epaulet x Alden Color 8 Brixton Boot.   You can find a link to the Epaulet listing here: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-for-epaulet-brixton-boot-color-8-with-light-sole   Well worn and well loved, but nevertheless a rare and sought after make-up. Originally owned by Mike, proprietor of Epaulet, he wore them ~25 times, and I've worn them ~5 times since. Included are JAB shoe trees and an unused jar of Saphir's Cordovan creme.   You...
My picks:   1. Pedaled Black Rainfrog jacket with expandable back   99% of technical clothing is just 'a jacket, but nylon!'. This jacket uses biomimicry in an incredibly cool way. It's really unlike anything I've ever seen before.       2. Stephan Schneider Portable shirt-jacket in "Dark" washed blue-grey cotton     3. Big John Blue Chambray Shirt   I own two pairs of Big John pants from NMWA. Quality is really outstanding. Wear this as a cowboy for...
^Maddox in the FiDi. It's right around the corner from JR Electronics. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20101209/downtown/watch-repairman-still-ticking-after-more-than-60-years-downtown
I picked this up from Trit a month ago, and unfortunately, it doesn't work with my runner stick arms. I'd say it would work best for someone around a 38-40. Surprisingly thick jacket, despite all the MMM 5 zip horror stories floating around. http://www.styleforum.net/t/398218/mmm-midnight-blue-5-zip-fits-48-read-description/0_100 Let me know if you have any questions. Shipped CONUS for $225. I'll consider out of country but obviously you will pick up the shipping tab...
Greg, will you be getting new Vass makeups for the fall? Or restocking the cognac austerity brogue?
+1, I felt bad because Kyle sent me the shipper label before I even had a chance to ask to pick up the shipping costs.
http://www.atriumnyc.com/collections/mens/clothing+sale+john-elliott-co   Cast in Coated Drake on sale for 109, lots of sizes left. Use 'Extra25' to bring them down to 81.75 shipped.
Waist (across top, unaligned): 33.75 (I'm basically a 34 waist in everything and these sit pretty much fine on my hips) Inseam: 30.00 Rise: 10.25 Thigh: 11.75 Knee: ~8.1" Hem: 7.5"  
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