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Awesome, thanks dude. Grabbed the 48 for $210 USD shipped.
Donegal overcoat I have from 2 seasons ago is
Antonio, if I'm basically a 46 in the NMWA cut would you recommend a S or M in the Moline sweaters? I prefer my knitwear slightly loose. Edit: looks like a small based on previous advice
Looks awesome.
Mto pub jacket?
Great points. I associate longwings with American shoe makers, but, I don't really like the alt wien shape, and Budapesters are too big for 7.5"-8.0" cuffs. 3 eyelet derby would be great.
NMWA x Vass house slippers would also make the grade for me.
I'd like to see a medium-dark brown longwing, and a suede derby. Something that you can wear with tailored wool pants, OCDB, and a slouchy cardigan or sttructureless jacket (like Eidos Augosto). I'd like to see Kyle design something (maybe something on one of the Austro-Hungarian lasts). There are some horrible creations in the Vass (and every shoe maker that does MTO) thread so it'd be good to have the NMWA throw out some ideas they might have. A bit of guidance can't...
Feel like TS(S) is doing a better version of E.G./Needles at this point
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