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If anyone would like a pair of size 43 F last Vass shoe trees for free, let me know Update: 2 claimed, 1 left
@NickPollica How do you recommend sizing the Augusto? If I'm a 46 in the NMWA cut? Thanks.
KNYEW tees are decent
I took a small in the tunic and last years BBJ chore coat fit tight in M and slightly oversized in L. Hope that helps a little.
Goyard, Cartier, Dior, and Chanel would beg to differ.
Elizabeth Suzanne Carla Fernandez Stephen Schneider Geller, Merz, Sage de Cret, Inis Meain oversized a bit
Half a dozen new Formosa up. Hope the 44R selections are permanent.
Geller flower shirts 🔥
Those look really good.
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