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^medium for a tight-ish fit, large for a more relaxed
If you liked Lot 49, the traditional pairing is Barth's Lost in the Funhouse, which is also excellent in it's way.
It's these:   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alt-wien-captoe-3636-last-in-antique-cognac-calf   I walked around my apartment and driveway a couple of times, but otherwise no other use.   Comes with box and bags but not trees, although I can throw in cheap ones if you want.   Size 43.   $500 shipped CONUS. International pays full shipping cost.
 I received the green/gold unicorn square a couple days ago. It's really nice and should go with anything navy. Dogs are as despondent as advertised.
If Greg put out a medium suede F-last chukka from Vass I think it'd sell out instantly.
You should read All the Pretty Horses first.
Received my Stark cardigan today. Shipping took 2 days, and it came in a nice box with paper, etc. I had a minor question about the shipping and MJ replied very quickly, which was much appreciated. Will definitely be shopping here again. Good luck guys.
Speckle chambray is pretty lightweight.
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