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 So that's why they were playing Hughie Lewis when I visited..
^Minnis 0765 midnight navy
It would be cool if Il Micio offered glasses cases next spring.
Oh man, Inis bull's wool is awesome.
Yes. I'm between a normal 36 and 38 and Greg had to pin the 46 Formosa significantly to get it to fit through the chest although the shoulders fit fine.
Used mine on...:  
Bigi Inglese
Pretty much make me an offer on these and they're yours.
    Niche Navy blue floral "Travis" microcorduroy shirt Monitaly Exclusive Special Edition quilted vest, charcoal barleycorn tweed wool mix Monitaly Brown Corduroy Five Pocket Pants Document Brown Caramel Leather Bomber
Well, I appreciate the 4 month head start on rationalizing the purchase.
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