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Anyone have the painters shirt? How does it fit? Usually IV fits me in the chest but is weird in the shoulders.
9.5 in Barrie, 44 in the cotton espadrille is a bit large on my foot.
Question for Formosa MTM people: did any of you adjust the sleeve size, and if so, did it necessitate asking for any changes to the sleevehead?
That's what I was hoping. The Achilles I had in 43 were too tight (I have a normal to narrow foot, so maybe it was just that pair), but the 43 bball low I had was perfect. I really dig the look of the Geller collab so hopefully the sizing works out. Thanks again for the help and pics.
Thanks! Copped
People who own the Geller x CP sidezips (the bballs, not leather boots) and CP Bball lows, did you take the same size?
Suggestions for summer wedding tie/square combo? Navy suit, blue shirt.
that dope ts(s) floral jacket is all sold out, somebody post some photos of it in action
Greg, any chance you'll be picking up one of Clegg's tote bags?
  Epaulet appears to be rolling out a $600 suit that could fit your needs, more information here. $600 isn't top of the line, of course, but generally Epaulet will give you decent bang for your buck.
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