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 I'd be interested in doing something like this: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/galosh-oxford-captoe-brown-museum-calf.html with a more muted/standard Vass brown, and without the toe medallions, which are too fancy for me.
Sounds like you're saying we should do a GMTO of that exact chukka in Vass' medium suede.
Yeah, I can definitely see that. I still like them with jeans, though :)
Vass suede boots. Stacked skinny jeans, gray trousers, blue suit pants...these might be a true one-shoe.
They speak in tongues.
Will those heavy cottons come back? Some of us foolishly slept..
^formal wedding ties from Tie Your Tie, please..
Just received my Allure coat. Perfect spring/fall cotton jacket. Armhole are very high. Size up one if you're muscular.   Fabric is very nice--feels rain resistant. Much heavier fabric than I expected. I wish he made pants in the same fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: