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Frank, how did you size the Gordon compared to say, IM or SNS?
Thanks guys.
Is the Synthboot confirmed to have a Guidi leather, and if so, would it be possible to see a swatch?
Can you post a pic of them?
  [[SPOILER]] Colors are somewhat inaccurate and my pant legs aren't falling straight, but this jacket is cool. It looks like I won't even have to have the sleeves taken up.
Just received this in the mail, and it's simply stunning. I'm shocked it made it to the sale prices. I'll try to post a photo during lunch.
^agreed, that is terrible.
It's pretty light but the fabric feels strong. Kind of a felt-esque finish to it. The wool lapel texture is subtle, I doubt most people would notice it.
Quite narrow. 16.8-17.1, around there. I'd ask Greg or Kyle for the best fit, I don't want to steer anyone wrong.
I can't believe some of you take these every day. Basically impossible to see anything.I'm a slim 38 and went with a IV. I have narrow shoulders so I'd suspect normal 38s could go up to a V. I have short arms too, so the sleeves aren't extraordinary long if it appears that way. I might get them taken up a bit but it's more of a SWD piece anyway.
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