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I don't agree with your opinion of what red supposedly signifies. It could just as easily allude to communism or the red on the Union jack or American Flag. White laces just LOOK good. Lace laws are SO eighties
Turn ups are a little thick(rolled too many times), but they are 'freshcuts'!
No, it was started by boneheads from central Pennsylvania Volks-something from Appalachia. They were a bunch of redneck, lumberjack types with shaved heads and tata and everyone could tell they were boneheads all night cuz they didn't look like skins at all, and they were all "woohoo!" and "yuck yuck" and violent with each other. I remember skins from Mexico City turning around and looking at them with paranoia and they were making me nervous behind me as well. I wouldn't...
The Exploited never really broke up, so it's not a reunion
Exploited never broke up...
IndEx didn't end up playing since they gave up their spot for 4Skins on Sunday.
not ALL the Black skins are from that photo shoot
I think it was just an 80s thing. I made my first bleachers in like '84 when it was a hip hop thing and the next year they were out of style along with (rat) tails and MJ jackets! I have had various pairs that I have made since becoming a skin in 1990, but there's always critics. I actually bought a good fitting pre-bleach spotted pair(not Levi's) a couple years ago, but mostly wear them when my Oi! band plays. People STILL make fun of them(mostly non-skins), but I...
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