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Also, you might want to dry CertainDri. Unlike a normal anti-perspirant, you apply it under your arms the night before and it seals your pores to releive perspiration during the day. I reccomend you giving it a try as well if you haven't already. From my experience it works much better than other "extra strengh" anti-perspirants.
I agree with Macallan. The type of toe, and shoe in general, depends on the circumstances in which you are wearing it. I prefer plain toe for work, medallion for more casual atmospheres.
Any pictures available of shirts made with these new buttons?
  +1   I'd love to read the rest of that series of articles.
  Thanks for the feedback, I agree with both suggestions. I'll probably take in the shoulders by 1/2", maybe 1" in the waist. Theresa at Luxire suggested that they could slope the back panel on each side to eliminate the extra fabric near the armhole at the back, which I would have never thought of but makes complete sense. I'm really happy with the final product, and Luxire's customer service is really exceptional. I'll definitely be ordering another batch of shirts once...
  I was told by the outlet store that all factory seconds other than those listed on the flyer would be 15% off. You can email and they will send you a list of available shoes in your size and the current sales prices for each.
Just wanted to give some feedback from my first Luxire purchase. I've tried another online MTM store a year ago or so, but had a bad experience with several orders and gave up. After all of the positive reviews for Luxire on this forum I decided to give them a try, and I'm glad I did. I ordered the Pale Blue Poplin 2/100, measured from a combination of measurements from my best fitting RTW shirts. The shirt arrived at my door here in the U.S. less than 10 days from...
Here is the flyer for the upcoming seconds sale, along with some of the other models that will be discounted. I was told that all models not featured in the flyer will be 15% off.
Here are some good threads on suits to get you started in your search. I agree with aravenel, there are thousands of options, you need to figure out what kind of suit you are looking for.
I need more details to answer that question. What's your price range? Do you want RTW or MTM clothes? Are you an abnormal size? There are lots of great places to get clothes, but your personal needs will dictate what the best option is for you.
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