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Holy shit I love uberjam (one) especially the title track which I have probably listened to more than any song ever. Downloading now...Frisell is my fav. But uberjam is so good.
  Yes, that was exactly VinnyMac's point.   OP, it sounds like you don't really have any ideas, so your best bet is going to be working for your school. In general I think they will pay a decent hourly wage. Priority will be given to work-study students who qualify for financial aid, but you should be able to get something. I would explore all of your options carefully. I had the coolest job in college (helping produce a music/interview show now on NPR) but we had a hard...
Not just petroleum engineers work "in the oil field." My friend was an EE and worked at a refinery in Illinois. I never asked him his salary, but I get the impression it was very good. He did not have a company car, though, and it was a hell of a commute from Saint Louis to rural Illinois, so that company car would be an especially good perk if you're in a similar situation.
Anybody drinking Old Bardstown bourbon after the Robert Parker favorable review? Apparently the review shouldn't be taken that seriously, but I'm curious about the bourbon not the review.  I drank a bottle. I think it was ~$17 and I would say it was pretty great for that price point. I normally stick with Buffalo Trace and am still developing my taste. The main thing I picked out about Old Bardstown was a strong note of maple syrup.
  VinnyMac, normally your advice is spot on, but in this matter I think you're way off base. Your post seems even at odds with what OP said:     I take your point, don't negotiate for more if you like the offer. But that doesn't seem to be the case. It's hard to judge without having heard the actual conversation, but in general I think every candidate considering getting a job should expect to learn about a company's full range of benefits. Hopefully, they will explain...
Just read this interview which hit on your questions...     http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/06/20/business/in-head-hunting-big-data-may-not-be-such-a-big-deal.html
I'm not sure if you, as the lowest ranking team member, are in a position to do this, but you might try to coordinate with the other interviewers so that you're not all asking the same questions.   You said they're already screened on technical matters, so leaving that aside: ask them to talk about particular projects they have worked on. You can leave it up to them by asking an open-ended question or you can pick a particular part of their resume and ask them to...
Good for you for getting a job and looking into these things. To answer your question: no. Roth IRAs and checking accounts are completely different. You will always have a checking account, and Bank of America is fine. If your parents have access to your checking account, I would recommend cutting that tie and getting your own account now that you have your own job. Next you need to learn the absolute basics of personal finance, investing, saving, retirement planning...
Have you checked out survey monkey?
Piobaire's avatar died from drinking too much, and we all just let it happen.
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