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im thinking about getting this through proxy     Not sure if the size is right for me. I wear mostly XS/44. lately i came back to the gym (after 2 years...) gained some muscle so pumped half a size up, but still wearing size XS, just a bit tight. Wonder if this gonna fit me right. Usually how the's attachment sizing/fitting like? I owned several Julius 's leather jackets in size 1, some fitted too tight, some fit...
Still on the market. Considering Reasonable Offer
it's 19" pit to pit. You can check in my description for additional info.
fit pic added for those who interested
lol bro. U do like this jacket a lot huh? Yes this is my jacket. I can take more pics to prove it for u if u want.
if u really want i can. But i lost lots of weight since then so it doesn't fit me properly now.
  Title says it all. Selling a Julius MA Fencing Leather FW09 in size 2. Excellent/beautiful condition inside and out with no visible scratches or stain at all. Asking USD900 OBO + 4% + shipping. (Paypal only). Goat skin Actual Measurement: (size 2) - P2P = 19'' - Length from back collar = 27 inches - Waist=...
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