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thanks.   i can't think of a pink tie combo that i truly like and is formal enough.   if i wore a pink shirt what would you suggest for a tie and suit colour? i find it hard to think of something that is formal enough again.
i've got prom soon. my dates wants me to wear a pink tie. if i absolutely have to what are some good suit, shirt, tie, shoe combinations?
i've got a similar situation. my date wants me to wear  a pink tie. i can't think of any combination that would look good with a pink tie. if you guy can please post (i don't have a suit, shirt, shoes etc yet so anything you suggest i can buy- colour-wise).   if not, i'm looking at a navy suit, white shirt and navy tie either textured or small dots, then a pink boutonniere.   i'm more than willing to let stylforum.net dress me
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