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Yes its online mtm. I have the same feeling about length, how much would you ad to the length? I went to a tailor and he suggested the shoulders are to wide and my shoulder type is square. They are the changes so far I'm going to add for my remake. Would you also suggest changing the posture type to slouched instead of normal?
          disregard the tie and shirt. i wasn't home and hand to use a random button up shirt and a very bad tie. i noticed some collar gap, shoulders may be long, and i'm thinking it should maybe be a touch longer. opinions?
thank you sir
So I just bought my first pair of park avenues without trying a pair in store first (silly me). They are still wearable, my heal doesn't come out of the shoe or anything there is just a slight bit of room to each side. If I wear a sock under another sock it's a little more tight.   I was just wondering are there any other trick to give you a better fit when your shoes are one width too wide, besides wearing another pair of socks?   Thanks
perth people: where do you get your hair cut? do you know of any good barbers? thanks
Hey lads I just saw Joseph Anthony bespoke is on scoupon, bespoke shirt for $69. Has any one had an experience with them and whether theyr worth it. I'm 19 and I'll be growing so I don't need a shirt that will last me for a long time just something that will last a formal function I have sconing up. The other option around that price range is a tm lewin. Thoughts?
i'm not sure if this is the same MTM you're talking about, but i've heard mainly positive things about peoples experiences with   i'm currently looking at ordering one soon- possibly from there, if not, somewhere similar. worth a look if that's what you're going for.  
going off the info member above have given, i'm deciding between two white shirts:   one by tm lewin,en_AU,pd.html?start=1&cgid=Mens-Slim-Fit-Shirts   one by hilditch and key   obviously there is a price difference, i just want to know if the price difference is warranted or not? thanks
totally new to shoes. are these considered a good price? and are they in good condition?
i thought this may be more relevant to australian members since they would have a better understanding of how balls (formals) are run and what's considered normal here. i'd like to link what my date will be wearing and if you could suggest a suit, shirt and tie combo? nothing is bought as of yet so i'm open to whatever.    
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