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Thanks for posting this! Would you mind uploading a few photos of how it looks on you, as well as sharing info about your height? I'm trying to decide between this and the Large version, and based on this review, I should probably go with the Medium. (I'm 6'4".)  
Thanks so much! That all makes sense and aren't "crazy" dimensions like those listed on Saddleback's website. :)   And the weight really is 2.1 kg?   Thanks again!   - David  
Thanks so much for your reply and for your descriptions of how you're using the bag and what it can contain.   You're definitely right that the people who choose these bags know that they'll not be lightweight. The reason I wanted you to double check the actual weight of your satchel on an accurate scale is because I did that with my Medium Thin Briefcase last week and was unpleasantly surprised. I too had removed one of the shoulder pads and I was curious to see how...
Thanks for the thorough review! The only thing missing is lots of photos! Particularly, I'd love to see how you've packed it to get a better sense of what it fits and doesn't fit.   I'm currently choosing between the Large or the Medium Round Satchel and I'm a little confused about what you're writing about A4 binders. A4 is 297mm wide, which is less than 11.75", so I don't really understand how the old 13" model could ever have been a problem with comfortably holding...
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