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I am looking to order a shoe from this maker    This page has a LOT of awesome shoes.   I was wondering if anyone had any experience with his shoes, or any favorite models that could help me limit my search. I know many of the styles are a little flashy, and seeing as I want them for work I can't go megaflashy, but I would like them to be special   examples        I love these!  
Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I recently discovered Daveshirt uses plastic in the collar and cuffs of their shirt. Obviously something a buyer should get to know, but that they do not tell you..
thx Virchow
well uk sizes is something like: E-F-Fx-G-Gx i am Gx or GG If forest wide fits EE US then there is hope. anyone have measurements on a 8 or 8,5 on forest last? Maybe someone from epaulet? anyone
damn, well guess I am not going to be able to then, nice looking boot :/   damn my wide feet
so the forest last, how wide is that? I am a 8.5 GG and from what I can see the last seems wider than normal, but is it enough?
I just received my mini houndstooth suit. It was so off on measurements that i didnt even bather to try to get them to remake it.   I am shipping it back for a refund. My money is better spent elsewhere
Hi, I am aware that the pictures are not taken 10-12 feet away by someone else, but I would very much like some feedback on the shirt fit if at all possible. (I have none to take pictures for me right now, and I need to get some orders away within this weekend if possible) I have gotten shirts from Daveshirt for a few years, and only recently taken an interest in proper fit. I would like to get your input on changes I should make. From what I can see I seem to have...
yeah, it looks good, but oh my god, no fabrics with a count over 80?
mytailor has a VAST amount of fabrics. The most expensive is like [cheap] bespoke, kind of daunting for something you won't feel til it's ready in your hands.   Any got any advice besides going for known brands like hollands and sherry and vitale barberis   Also, it seems i cannot actually pick fabrics? I've found one i like, but there is no way i can put it into the bag or do something more with it?
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