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300 shipped to Canada
Looking for a 9-10/10 condition pair of FBT Shamans in a size 10 US, price negotiable. I live in Canada so I understand international shipping can be a pain but I've been looking for a decent pair of Shamans for over a year now for a good price. Please help me out. Thanks!
Hey sorry, I haven't logged in here for over a week. I would've loved to come out though, hopefully this happens again soon.
A pair of raw denim, a dark blue hoodie, a pair of German Army Trainers and any cap.
Condition doesn't matter. Anything under $350 would be perfect. I prefer the colorway in the picture. Thanks!
Anyone have suggestions as to which backpack a Grade 12 student should purchase? I have been wearing a Herschel Supply Little America backpack for a while and I loved it....until everyone starting wearing it. Any suggestions? thanks. 
So could I have them shipped to the Nike Store in Buffalo?
Unfortunately, Nike doesn't ship to Canada.
I'm not sure whether or not I will find Flyknits on Styleforum but I did see a listing for Flyknit Racers. I am looking for a brand new or like new pair of Flyknit Trainers in the White colorway (as seen in the picture) in size 9.5 or 10. I live in Canada, just to let potential sellers know (everyone hate international shipping haha). I would like them to be under retail, which is any price under $150.    Thanks 
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