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  Are these labeled as slim fit on the inner pocket?   
  Sizing down a half size is your best bet IMO.    
Agreed, especially if they run another promotion between now and then.  Exchanges in the past have worked out for me.  The Last time I exchanged items they refund the original amount but charged me even less than I originally paid.  
Do extended cardio sessions on the the treadmill  throughout the week, especially after a leg workout.  Doing this will slim your legs, unless of course you want to keep the size you recently put on.  
Alright, who is going to be the first one to purchase this?        
 +1 in a large or xl
At the risk of sounding dumb, which model shirt is layered underneath the Villian hoody and where can I purchase it?  I looked on the site but couldn't see the side angle on the crew or u neck tee's.  
  I find it to be a little more fitted than most of my size large tops.  My advice would be to take your regular size, just don't expect too much room in case you wanted to layer up.    
  The aforementioned group is very good group to start with, no doubt about it.  Although, we would be remiss if we didn't mention The_Denim_Vault as well, I find his offerings to be outstanding.  Now if you run across a fellow with the handle of "rl_store" my best advice would be to hold on to your wallet....
New Posts  All Forums: