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Thanks a lot guys, very helpful responses.
Hi, first time posting and I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered. I searched through the forum and couldn't find an answer. Im just finishing second year university this spring, and i'll have to start interviewing for jobs in the engineering field. At the moment i don't have any dress shoes that would be appropriate for an interview. This leads me to the question of would brown brogues such as the AE Strand be appropriate for a job interview. I...
I apologize in advance if this has been covered, but I searched the forums and couldn't find a direct answer to my question. Anyways, this spring I'm going to have to start interviewing for summer jobs in the engineering field (finishing 2nd year). My dilemma is I have no appropriate shoes to wear to an interview, and at the same time I'm in the market for a nice shoe to wear out. The shoe I'd want to get would be the AE Strand in a brown tone. The problem is being a...
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