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alright, try number two today with a better collar. I was a little iffy about the pocket square, but didnt have another option besides white... should i have gone without? also is it too quasi-monochromatic? only my second post, trying to get this suit stuff figured out. 
Awesome advice, thanks a lot. Sounds like I need to work on my collars a bit. Great article too! Off the rack suits are usually comically large for me, even the so called "slim fit" ones. Thanks again!
first post here, not exactly a fit pic. the cuff on the left arm is usually showing better, and i did push that PS down into my pocket further before heading out the door. anyway, looking for some feedback on the suit/overall look. I am young and cant afford the really good stuff yet, but i try to make due with what i have. anyways, I know the drill, I am an ignorant newbie here, so tear me to shreds 
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