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1. I posted it because their was some dispute. Just another viewpoint. That was the purpose2. I agree you know more about the intricacies of making a shoe than I. But what I wrote regarded USM being an authority. Sorry if that was not clear.3. When you write:" I don't care how many third party observers and pop culture raconteurs you've interviewed or schmoozed"Well thank you for reading but, who specifically are you referring to here?4. You may be dammed to June Swan and...
I'm still confused.....Al Saguto, You mean this Guy?;http://podcast.history.org/2012/03/26/meet-the-shoemaker/Well if he a "particular friend" of yours how about asking him to weigh in with his own comments on my link? Surely a "particular friend" would be happy to do so.June Swan? It seems that She mostly focuses on Woman's shoes and where they came from. But, you'll have to prove that.
So let me get this right...In an earlier post in this thread you made mention that we all have the right to comment and share. Now you question me about why I posted the link?It was approved by:http://www.cummings.com/history.htmlI guess you consider yourself a bigger and better authority....as always.Sympathies.
From shoeinfonet: http://www.shoeinfonet.com/about%20shoes/history/history%20your%20shoes/history%20your%20shoes.htm
I met him a few times at his N.Y.C. office.The interview was conducted with a pad and pen....no recording devices.
Yup.....I also know a firm (you know the name) that will make a croc. shoe at the lofty price of $14,800.00.Same market?....I think not.
How about introducing yourself to this thread? Be real.
I'm really enjoying this discussion and the various viewpoints. But it all boils down to some basic, practical, logical, business principles. And the fight for survival and prosperity. Let's face it, we all do what we do to make a fair living. Most of us with integrity. Having said that I wanted to respond to this post:No, I said this based on MY experience. And from that they have looked for ways to save money and maintain -or- improve their product. Reaching out to me...
New Posts  All Forums: