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Maybe, you'd have to ask him.Apparently Lattanzi doesn't see it that way. Then again you would have to ask him as well.
Yes I understood that.My point is two different perspectives from two well regarded makers.
We have done them on single soled Bonafe's. Not a problem. As previously mentioned we each have our own perspective. FWIW, Silvano Lattanzi will install Lulu's on their single soled shoes upon request.
B-I-N-G-O.....Thank you for sharing your experience Sir!
+1As I have been saying all the while.....We have done literally 1000's of these. NOT ONE SHOE has come back with welt, gemming, inseam stitching failure.I've even asked the forum if anybody has had this occur to a job we did please help this discussion by letting us know. Not one has.We buy our screws from an outfit that supplies the model hobby industry. It took me quite a while to find them but they are excellent. They are brass plated, have a Philips head rather than...
Just sharing my experience. Autosolers are widely used in repair. Apologies, I thought that was what you were referring to. I don't know of any makers that use them....Maybe you do.
I've never seen 100+ wire nails in a shoe. 30-40 would be on the high end from my experience. Still that's enough to cause the damage mentioned earlier. Agreed, autosolers have a rapid fire if they are not used properly. Personally, I don't like or use them either. However, If used like a machine gun that will likely cause the driver to snap causing the blade to get damaged. A re-built blade costs approx. $400.00. When attaching a rubber heel (base) -or- full heel the heel...
Thanks for sharing the web site. A few things though.....The can of barge cement in the ordering area says "All Purpose Cement" He keeps saying "rubber cement" in the video. There is a big difference between the two. All purpose will work on sole guards. Rubber cement won't (it's not strong enough).He used an oil treated leather sole in his demonstration. That's why the mini lug sole de-laminated from the leather sole. The oil actually will repel either cements. It may...
True...I see it all the time.Even cases where you recommend against doing something. They do it anyway and cause unnecessary damage.
You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Most do as well. Don't fool yourself. I quoted a response to a wrong comment.Please forgive me Grand High Mystic Ruler. Please spare me my life.Since you brought it up in many cases your professional opinion doesn't mean squat to me either simply because it's wrong and very misleading.My professional experience tells me that.....
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