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It comes in 4 colors.Black, Neutral, Cordovan, Dark Brown.I tried to convince them to make it Ravello and Whiskey as well. Not yet though.....
They will be at:551 Madison (55th St.)4:00-7:00
I normally suggest that when the worn area of the heel gets down to about the thickness of a dime it's time to replace. This way the customer gets the most use out of a pair of heels without damaging the base.
Shouldn't be what skin is are monks made of?
I doubt that particle board is worth repairing just like a $100.00 pair of shoes....can/them. Stapled joints are equally an extradition regarding the discussion.We are talking about high-grades. Regarding that, I don't see the relativity of your point.I never said it's better, I said it's reality.
WADR Have you recognized the attitude of a typical repair shop operator? I'll say it again, in most part, that is the problem with the shoe repair industry. We can do better but, it takes a commitment to strive to be the best you can be. Not for money, that takes care of itself. It goes beyond better materials. For instance, there was a time where excellent materials were available and made here in the U.S.. New government regulations made those products cost prohibitive...
Justin--Well if you say that you've seen it then who I'm I to dispute you're claim?Who does that kind of work, Jack The Ripper?Then again, I've seen my share of nightmares as well. Sometimes you just ask yourself, what in the world was that guy thinking!!While we are on the subject often shop owners and supply houses complain to me that the factories are taking away a lot our business with their re-crafting services. I tell them it's our own fault and I don't blame them....
First, let me point out that the blogger clearly states "in the world of RTW shoes". He is not talking about custom made bespoke. My comments are based on that clarification.Some of the negatives don't make sense to me. Namely, the concern that water can seep through. Seep through what? We are talking about a GY welted shoe and the stitching is on the outside of the shoe. So where is the water going to seep through? The high-grade makers offer closed stitching on their...
Forgive me if this has been posted already: http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2014/10/closed-vs-open-channel-sole-stitching.html I don't agree with everything said but, in general it's a summary of the discussion.
My guess is if it "contains" those ingredients it's one thing. Those ingredients being "primary" is another.
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