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No, I don't know of anyone who is still using them. I doubt though that they are still around. The problems were 1. finding a mechanic to service them and 2. getting the parts. I was lucky in the sense that I had a mechanic buy the name of George. He was a retired USM mechanic. All I had to do was explain the problem over the phone and he would diagnosis it. He would show up with a jacket and tie with a tool box that was maybe twice the size of a lunch box. He looked more...
I inherited 3 of those USM machines. It was long after the leasing program was terminated. So, I never dealt w/USM directly. The Guys in the shop had been there long before I arrived on the scene. They told me USM would come in and read the stitch count meter and submit a bill. Those machines were beautiful. Equipped with hot wax pots. They would hum with precision and consistency. No other repair shops had them. They were for factory use. We used them until there were no...
In fact , there was a stitch meter on those machines. Like an odometer on a car. That's how they would figure out the charges.
Yes I have earned the right but i don't see that as a right as you do. It's what we do working. As/for wright? Are you retired? Semi? Answerw the questions PLease!!!!! I can not As eloquent in your writing. But, in your 30 years of teaching give us something, anything. (please do the editing for me).
So stand up bullshit artiste. Mister elocutionist. Stop with your fancy footwork writing that you impress yourself with and try to antagonize others with. Who did you teach? Are they proud of your name?Can they use it? Simple questions need simple answers from a guy that cant spell. (neither can you for the recoird).
Sarcastically agreed...... And funny. For the life of me I can't understand why a semi retired/retired Guy feels the need to preach to a fourm. All day, every day. If that's my future I'd rather work till the day I die.WADR.....There has been many that got trashed after making legit. points and sharing their experiences.If in fact you have been teaching students for 30 years you must have some proteges that you are very proud of. Can you name them? Can they use you're...
Exactly what I have been saying from the beginning. There is a difference but not nearly to the extent that it has been exaggerated.
Undoubtedly the sort that would get his butt whipped with a wet towel after gym class everyday.Here is for your listening pleasure.....only cause I love Ya Bro:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL5wei4phz0
I'm done with this thread. Ridiculously pathetic at this point. I'll watch though....What? Are you quoting yourself now?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLIerfXuZ4
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