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^ All the photos, drawings and, philosophies in the world still won't override my experience that after doing 1000's we still have not had one shoe come back with damaged welt -or- inseam stitching. I suppose it's possible that eventually it can happen.
Here is what he'll be wearing: Camberley in black calf, Alex in black calf, Northcote in black wax calf, Norwich in black calf, Radnor in black calf and Swansea in dark brown suede.
Actually the customer told me that he was taking them up to the mountains with him.
It's what the customer requested......
Apologies if this has been posted before. I just ran across it today. An interesting four part series about how they are made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yozIoVtjN_w
Alden double soled leather converted to authentic Commando made in the UK. Leather mid-sole. Top 4 eyelets switched to speed hooks.
We work on them all the time. All machined. Unless he is talking about Bespoke, I don't know about that....
The nails do not penetrate through the insole. They may be intended to secure the shank. Not necessary though.....
Try inserting a pair of heel pads. They will raise your heel alleviating the irritated area.
If done properly it won't ruin the integrity of the shoe. If the sole is new the stitching is not disturbed at all. If the sole has been worn to far -or- in your case it sounds like it was damaged at the toe. A new leather tip is attached and stitched on. Then, the flush mounted toe plate is added.
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