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Lot's of this I can't agree with.
Could be but shouldn't happen.I'm curious though. Was the shoe made with a heel seat -or- 3/4 liner?Then maybe they installed a full sock liner?That little difference could effect the fit.
Something went wrong.....Have you contacted the company?
I doubt that the shoes got tighter if they were done correctly.They may seam to be tighter bc the new sole is a more rigid piece of leather than the worn out sole was.The new sole being more rigid pulls the upper down making the shoe feel tighter but actually the shoe hasn't changed size.They should break in relatively quickly.
You wont find riveted shanks in a GYW high-grade shoe. An inexpensive shoe is more likely. Metal or wood shanks are mostly found in high-grades. They are curved or ribbed. The curve or rib gives the shank added strength and also holds to the footbed preventing the shank from shifting.
Looks like a mismatched pair to me.
Thanks for sharing this Bengal-stripe.I particularly appreciated your comment in your last sentence.That also goes for almost all of the Owner's, Presidents, Managing Directors and, CEO's I have had the pleasure to meet (and some befriend) over my 40+ years in the shoe biz.They take pride and have a driving passion for the prestige of their brand. They also run their operations like a Team/Family unit.And finally, they are open-minded to listen to workers who offer...
After looking into it In saw that their was an error in the pricing in the amount of $25.00.Issue corrected.
I'm not so sure of that..... We work on lots shell cords with Dainite soles. Insole cracking does not seam to be problematic any more than with a leather sole. It's far from a perfect world when it comes to footwear. Things like that happen from time to time. As DW mentioned a competent cobbler cobbler can install a full sock liner that will cover the cracks and make the shoe more comfortable. Just ask him to use kid skin because it's thin and won't take up as much room...
Please do and let us know one way or another.
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