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Both sides are skived and joined. That joint can be called a seam according to the dictionary definition of the word. And yes cork can fail. You know that.I base my opinions from my experience and I have seen many more shoes taken apart and put back together than you.Any man would have to be a fool to believe another man telling him that what he observed and experienced over the last 40 years didn't really happen.I trust my experience far more than your writing. And that...
As I said, I don't like the seam, I don't like the overlapped stitching. And if it is not overlapped you will have 2 week spots where the stitches meet on both sides. Also I don't like patched corking. I prefer it applied together with no joints.Frankly, You seem to be a perfectionist. I'm surprised to read that things like patch-work and overlapped stitching are acceptable to you.
Several reasons. Some of which:No seam that could potentially fail.On a full sole all of the stitches are picked from the welt. That can't be done on a 1/2 sole. So, there will be double stitching where the 1/2 sole is joined.The foot-bed is completely stripped and replaced with a fs. On a 1/2 it's patched together.What are some of your reasons?
O.K. I'll withdraw the words "no brainer" and replace them with the statement "I'll take full soles over 1/2 soles on my shoes any day of the week". Which was my point.
So.....I guess hand welt vs gemming is not a no brainer to you.
For those interested, ask 10 cobblers which takes less time, doing a 1/2 or full sole? I'm quite certain the responses will be unanimous.
I have never had an instance where we damaged the insole by prying the heel base off.So, the issue of full sole vs. 1/2 is a no-brainer for me.
Waiter, may I have some extra Bearniase sauce with my filet mignon please? Thank you Sir......
Half soles: Less time + less matetrial + Less work = higher profit. We have done 1000's of full soles this year. Not one 1/2 sole. Ask people in the shoe industry which would they prefer on their own shoes, 1/2 or full soles? They will tell you full soles.
New Posts  All Forums: