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I agree with the above posts. Just like to add, treat the uppers with a non-silicone based waterproof. This will help prevent the suede from getting soiled. When scuff marks or grime appear on the suede, brush with a nylon suede brush, lightly sand out the effected areas with very fine sandpaper and, brush again. Use cream polish on the leather. If wax gets on the suede it will mat down the nap and is very difficult (even for a pro) to remove.
And now back to our regularly scheduled thread! I'm I surprised by the way Mr. Grangaard handled this matter? No. I'm I impressed? Yes. Disclaimer: This is strictly my opinion based on over 30 years working with AE products and seeing/hearing comments from their customers. I have been consistently making this point for some time now. For decades AE worked hard to earn a stellar reputation. With that they accumulated a very large loyal customer base. In the mid to...
It depends on your gait. Some pronate inside or out. If that's the case keep and eye on the inside and outside borders of the soles lateral to the ball of your foot. In some cases that's the first area that thins out do to wear.
Most likely the heel bases need to be reset.
A skilled cobbler can do that.
http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2...ry-west-shoes/ http://www.wwd.com/footwear-news/men...-lloyd-3091247
Awesome work DWFII. Reeks of skill and pride.
The rubber part of the top lift is one piece designed to accept the clicked out leather piece. It is laminated on top of the rubber. That's why from time to time the leather may de-laminate and separate from the rubber.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Nick, That means you know how to do it, but your company just don't want to do it! DW, I've seen it done on a gemmed shoe with a good result, even they don't have the orignal last. What's wrong with you? I never said we couldn't do it. Fishball, back in April of 09 you PMed me requesting that I ship (New York to Hong Kong) you a few pair of Dainite soles and heels. You explained that you you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 ^^ Hey Nick, that post is all messed up for me. Were you trying to quote and post a picture? Yea....sorry, I'll try and figure it out.
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