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I guess you don't like to "rush into things".
Fishball is correct. However the Vibram 430 is a 14 iron sole. Based on the OP's question that sole is way to thick for an Alden Cordovan boot. It would make the boot clunky looking. I don't think he would be happy with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I went back and read the e-mail from Nick. I asked about adding a Vibram commando sole as he doesn't do Alden commando soles. He said that the Vibram commando sole (which isn't stitched on - it's glued on) was thicker and more rigid than Alden's version, so he didn't recommend it for double-soled shoes. Now that I know Alden will add the commando sole, I'm interested too. I have a brand new pair of Chukka boots...
Bring them to a reputable repair shop. You will be limited to medium or dark brown if that suits your needs.
We do a lot of conversions from leather to Dainite. All high-grades...C.J.s, A/E, Testoni, Church, Lobb's to name a few. From the profile you can barely tell that it's rubber. Rarely do we get a request to convert Dainite to leather. Is it a trend? I don't know but, people seem to love them.
Yes this can be achieved by using neutral as a base and slightly tint it with brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Nick, quick question for you: do you offer clear and clear brown edge finish? I have a pair of shoes that I've been holding off resoling for a while now. They will eventually be mailed to you for a full resole and I thought they could benefit from either a totally clear or clear brown edge finish instead of the (normal) opaque brown edging they currently have. Wes-- We have clear (neutral) and...
It's only the top-lift that gets replaced. The bases are not touched. If you have a combination heel rubber/leather, they are both replaced as they come laminated together.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View Good question. Wouldn't the lining have to be partially removed and replaced to do this correctly? I could see this being very expensive and not worthwhile for shoes of ordinary cost. Hope a cobbler weighs in. We do this sort of work all the time. Many customers explain that the shoes are of sentimental value. They were given to them by a special person, they wore them on an interview that...
I prefer using Vibram because it lasts as long as Topy but "feathers" neater at the waist.
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