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Chances are they are red cushion crepe (foam) not genuine.
At this point in the discussion I'll open the can of worms: Vibram produces out of more than one factory. The one's I use are strictly the one's made in Italy. I never had a problem with them. I insist on them. By far New York's largest supplier to my industry is Kaufman. He doesn't sell Topy and, he won't. I understand why. Here's an example. A few years ago the owner of Topy came into my shop and offered to sell me direct. I declined because my supplier has always done...
Quote: Originally Posted by HitMan009 I think the actual Topy looks better then the Vibram. Which cobbler in the NYC uses actual Topy? Nick, do you you Topy since on your website, you only mention Vibram. We use Vibram.
Interesting....thanks for sharing.
Guy West was the elegant host. He showed me shoes that were made for some celebrities and named lasts after them. Moon, Plant, O'toole, Rourke to name a few. I know the styles are not mainstream to many. However, I saw several that I thought the moderate would like in their rotation. Not everyday but statements which would undoubtedly get complementary attention. Goodyear welted, well made, nice skins, cool details.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM The leather seems moist and supple around the tear and everywhere else, it just has this tear, no scaling (is that the term? No cracking in the leather) or obvious reason it should get worse. I'm only in $150 on the shoe. I'll go talk to my cobbler (he's pretty good) before I send them back. If he can do something, maybe I'll keep them to wear with jeans. It won't be perfect but, a good cobbler can add a...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer the part inside the shoe that says "Alden Restoration" - what is that called? footbed? insole? A heel seat. Nice job.
Rider Boot Co. Trunk Show Ron Rider rolls back into the Big Apple this Friday and Saturday May 14th & 15th for our next show at Leffot. Ron pulls out all the stops when it comes to samples, leathers and colors. This show will be quite a treat as Ron introduces several great looking new models, many seen for the first time here. If you’re a boot guy you won’t want to miss it. Alfred Sargent Handgrade Collection We are pleased to announce our new partnership...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou Roger that. On a side note, if I send you my meager AE collection, can you change out the insole for something more comfortable? Because of the construction the insoles can not be removed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I've done more for charity than Bono and Bob Geldoff. You see how anyone can say stuff, even if its not technically true? Your comments are without merit or basis. Since you decided to make it personal I'll respond accordingly. First, I am know-body's page boy. I have no alliance to any particular shoe company. Rather, my comments are based on 32 years of experience and relationships built over those...
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