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Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive fashion forward is right, is your store selling this brand now? No, but when I hear things, I like to share.
Quote: Originally Posted by gaseousclay oof. those are butt ugly Perhaps not a good representation.
I am just getting familiar with Jeffery West footwear. I was able to see some of their offerings first hand. I'll say this, the quality of materials and construction is excellent. Their style is unique and fashion forward. I was told that their fall line will include traditional s as well. Their Northampton history is interesting and can be found at: www.jeffery-west.co.uk. U.S. offerings will be available shortly at: www.jeffery-west.us. Also, some limited styles...
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Yea Im hoping Nick will stop by and comment. Anyone know roughly when these were made? Maybe there are clues elsewhere on the shoe? If so Ill take another picture. I realize I have a lot of pictures as it is however It seems all you need is a standard re-craft, maybe new bases. I can't tell the condition of the welts from the pics. The hidden stitched and choice of soleing leather are your options. The...
Great job. Raul was trained well!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Yes- the linings changed. The CEO of AE posts over at Ask Andy... I thought he said some time ago they might be going back... dunno. That's correct.
Meltonian Water and Stain Protector. Safe and effictive on leathers and suedes. DO NOT use a silicone based product. Silicone is oil based and tends to darken finishes.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Hey Nick, I just ordered some Edward green shoes from ebay. They are pretty well trashed at the moment, meaning the soles are mostly gone and part of the heel is chipped off. Also there are some stains on the leather. I know I dont have pictures at the moment so its hard to visualize, but is something you think you could fix? Ill get pictures up when I receive them sometime next week. Most likely we can....
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth i am curious how this is done on a finished shoe. Wouldn't it involve the time consuming task of taking apart the shoe so the upper and elastics can be stitched flat? No, the shoe/boot does not need to be taken apart. Rather, the worn gore/elastic is carefully seperated from the liner and upper. A new piece is fitted then cemented and stitched into place. FYI......This process is not done on a flat...
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