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Stay away
What are your thoughts?
Hello Sir,I sent you a PM on 9/7 offering to rectify the situation. Never heard back.The offer still stands (within reason).
All three companies are under the same ownership.Saphir is produced in France. Since you are going to be in Barcelona, they (Tarrago) may be able to direct you to a supply house who in turn can direct you to a retailer that carries what you are looking for.
I believe the parent company to Saphir, Tarrago manufactures outside of Barcelona. You may want to contact them for a source.
Wow....If I were to name some of the customers that come into my shop and pay with Amex cards you would retract that statement. They are some of the most respected business people certainly in the U.S. some worldwide. CEO's and Presidents of major Fortune 500 companies.Peasants? They could buy and sell car dealerships 10 at a time if they wanted to. Probably just put the transaction on they're Amex card!
Nice find
Never used them. Last I heard they are not available here in the U.S. I use lots of Vibram products. They are very good quality and have a wide range of offerings. IMO Daintier is of superior quality though.
I didn't feel a thing but lots of people told be they did here in N.Y. My Daughter moved back to campus in Maryland this morning. Sent me a video of how things were shaking in her apartment.
Dainite makes some different versions for various makers they supply. For instance on Crockett and Jones you will normally find 11 studs, 2 in the shank area. I use authentic Dainite parts. On the soles we use there are 12 studs, 3 in the shank area. Regardless, of the specific pattern, it is consistently the best rubber I have used. As we all know there are lots of imitation Dainite soles. The problem is the rubber is not nearly the quality as Dainite. I have seen (many...
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