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Thanks for the nice comments. For those that may not have seen: http://www.lederfabrik-rendenbach.de...d-the-tannery/
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing I actually like the Shanghais myself :{D They're a bit expensive at about £580 though. I'm told they are very expensive to produce. The vintage look is all done by hand. Here's part of the story behind the model: The classic British shoemaker Church's is jumping on the vintage band wagon with the re-issue of their 1929 "Shanghai" model. The two-tone shoes, which were originally made for the English...
They may not be for everyone. However, I have it from a very high ranking executive that they are a very hot seller.
Saw this on AAAC today. Post 61 of this thread: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...-website/page3
I asked Kevin, about this. He is the manager of the N.Y. store. Here is what he said: Hi Nick: Thanks for sending this. They are correct. The normal procedure for us is that if a customer (or customers) orders six of the same style of shoe (leather/material/sole), the factory will offer the normal stock price for the shoes. I say 'stock price' with the understanding that there may be surcharges if the customers want something 'above and beyond' or...
Sounds like you may have a plasric heel base. Have your cobbler look at them. If the bases are plastic have them changed to leather, then add a rubber top-lift.
WADR to every one's comments. I have handled 10's of thousands of high-grade shoes during my 34 years. We work on EG's, CJ's, Church's, Westons, Lobbs and more every day. I have relationships with several high ranking executives in the high-grade shoe industry. We talk shop all the time. I understand their business. They understand mine. We all understand that they are two different things. Now, to disclose: I've never worked on a pair of shoes in my life. Don't possibly...
[quote=flanker2000fr;4495200 I highly suspect that EG, and others, advise against them as they hope for customer to bring their shoes back to them for re-soling. At twice the cost of a very competent cobbler.[/QUOTE] Added
Quote: Originally Posted by flanker2000fr I can understand that some people would find rubber inserts aesthetically unpleasing. It is true that they make a sole slightly thicker and that might be a turn-off. But as for the fact that they damage the sole in the long run because they prevent the sole to breath, it is simply a mis-conception, illustrated by the following: "Moisture will always move from wet to dry unless it hits a barrier like the Topy...
Not positive but I believe "comb" refers to a combination last. Meaning narrow heel and wider vamp or visa, versa. Could be an older shoe. Let us know.
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