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Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I'm confused about a step in the documentation of the EG recrafting - they are replacing the welt, which contradicts what I thought was most important about Goodyear welting. I was under the impression that this welt's purpose was to enable easier resoling, so if you're going to remove it every time you resole, why not just use Blake welting? It's really not nec. to re-welt every time a shoe is re-crafted. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by gary3594 I looking for some SWIMS. What store did you purchase yours from? Don't know where you are from, Allen Edmonds stores carry them.
Some have sole guards applied.
Quote: Originally Posted by red120 Strictly online?.. Saw title mention NY, but no info on site for location. June 5-27 Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 5pm Governors Island in the historic homes of Nolan Park
I liked Ice Box at 20:1 before the Derby. Because of scratches he went off @ 10:1. Still paid a handsome exacta with Super Saver. He skipped the Preak. Now everybody's on him. The values horrible but I can't toss him now. Sentimental pick goes to UptownCB to complete the E/Box
Quote: Originally Posted by Fish ball Nick, May I ask why you just use Italian Vikram not US? BTW, I bought my JR sole and top lift from Kaufman too, they are nice guys. I bought Vikram US directly from the factory. Vikram Italy via Singapore. We use several style Vibram sole guards. By far, the most popular style for men's shoes is the 2337. Several years ago a few pair came back because the sole guard was de-laminating from the sole...
Quote: Originally Posted by wysiwyg I have a pair of AE's that I'd like to preserve. Is there any point in using their recrafting service or resoling the shoes in general if I go the Topy/Vibram route? I assume if the rubber wears through they can just be replaced at the local cobbler without touching the original leather. Correct, thats one of the advantages.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Well, it could be either, but OP has stated Goodyear welted. A storm welt (or split reverse welt) can be GYW or can be a "˜bonwelt', just glued in place for decorative effect. http://www.barbourcorp.com/pdf/welting_catalog.pdf Without poking at the actual shoes, it is impossible to say. Excellent Bengal. We use a lot of Barbour. I never thought to go to their website. Thanks
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