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Quote: Originally Posted by Leather man And we keep looking and we keep looking but still no website! Sheila Bone from Cheaney , who is excellent, told me June, then "Summer" then October - well its nearly the end of October now! I guess it will appear soon but really this is some delay! Mid November
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH "Our turnaround is ahead of schedule," said Grangaard. More AE seconds hitting the shelves! Let's be realistic. In this case, would selling more seconds lead to the need to hire more people? Try taking a step back with an open mind. And maybe, just maybe, give credit where credit is due.
I had the pleasure of meeting William Church last Friday. He was in town and stopped in to "talk shop". Elegant gentleman. He and his cousin Jonathan are well determined to building Cheaney to the brand it deserves. As referenced, the plan is Europe, the Orient and maybe the U.S. I encouraged the American market due to an exceptional value of Cheaney's product.
Beautiful workmanship. Would you mind doing a pictorial essay on a future commission? There's much more involved that we don't see in the final product. Many would find it fascinating.
What an incredible story. 33 miners trapped 1/2 mile below the earths surface. 69 days later they are all safely rescued as a result of tireless people working together, against all odds. What we have learned. Great inspiration for are abilities......when we work together.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym You can have new welts sewn on. It just takes more skill, time, and money. Correct
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 The piece of curved plastic that one gets put on the back/front of a show so that it does not wear out. Thay are called taps or rubber heel plates.
There are several indicators: 1. Press the center of the sole down with your thumb. If it's soft or spongy, it's time. 2. When you see circular patterns of wear in the center of the sole. 3. Check the inside and outside borders of the sole laterally across the area where the ball of your foot would be. If the sole is thin and close to the welt, it's time. 4. If moisture begins to seep in through the bottom of the sole on damp days.
This was posted on AAAC: http://www.jsonline.com/business/103530624.html
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