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Quote: Originally Posted by Leather man Thank you Nick - all very informative. Would you feel able to contact your source again to find out if the soles are made from oak bark tanned leather ( I feel they ought to be at this price - is it £630 or £660?) - also I'd like to know if the trees are lasted or generic in shape. Quite understand if you feel you can't ask your source again about this range. Peter Just asked.....The soles are...
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Nope me too, any insider info ????????????????? I asked a very reliable source at Church. Here is the response: HI Nick This is what our store signage states: Inspired by the echoes of the 1930's, our new luxury collection is the pinnacle of everything Church's. Made over the sweeping 137 Last, it combines the Finest leather with beautiful hand finishes afforded by our experienced Northampton...
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack And congrats to the Mavs as well. Another like-able team. Surprised to see how Cuban was so reserved during and after there win. Respects to HIM and them.
Well deserved winning the Stanley Cup. Great series.
We work on lot's of Westons. I would consider them among the best of the high-grades in terms of materials, construction, detail and, workmanship. They are the only maker that I'm aware of that has their own tannery manufacturing their own soles. From start to finish it takes approximately one year to produce their soles. In fact, they make the soles for one of their top competitors. Weston is so particular about the products they use they actually make their own thread...
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 Heel pads (aka heel grips) go on the back of the heel, not under it. An example: http://www.amazon.com/Unknown-Heel-Grips/dp/B0002TVBGQ Heel lifts go under the heel and serve a different function. Tongue pads can push your foot back and hold it against the heel. Which works best would depend on your particular situation. This: In the OP's case tongue pads.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Alsp a broken shank right? A broken shank would cause a clicking sound. Also you would feel less support in the heel.
Could also be caused by the tongue rubbing against the liner. Sometimes you can feel the vibration causing the squeak. That makes it easier to remedy.
Sounds like you need a pair of back-liners.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Is there actually a women's shoe brand that is legitimately superior in terms of leather, construction, etc? And therefore, easier to justify the cost? Not fashion forward but pretty well made: http://www.church-footwear.com/churchs.html
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