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I grew up in Bergen County. Paramus stores are closed on Sundays, "Blue Laws". If you can plan a day and, have transportation, you're better off here: http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=7 It's not New York but, if you're looking for deals and are limited on time, you'll cover much more ground there. Just plan an itinerary because it can be overwhelming for new comer's. N.Y.S. open 7 days a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Does anybody have any experience resoling Corthay's? If I (can I?) send them back will they charge me $600, or should I just get them done locally with JR's? Pierre Corthay will be conducting a trunk show at Leffort on June 2nd from 11-7. you may want to stop by ask ask him if you have the chance.
Thanks for the nice comments. For those that may not have seen: http://www.lederfabrik-rendenbach.de...d-the-tannery/
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing I actually like the Shanghais myself :{D They're a bit expensive at about £580 though. I'm told they are very expensive to produce. The vintage look is all done by hand. Here's part of the story behind the model: The classic British shoemaker Church's is jumping on the vintage band wagon with the re-issue of their 1929 "Shanghai" model. The two-tone shoes, which were originally made for the English...
They may not be for everyone. However, I have it from a very high ranking executive that they are a very hot seller.
Saw this on AAAC today. Post 61 of this thread: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...-website/page3
I asked Kevin, about this. He is the manager of the N.Y. store. Here is what he said: Hi Nick: Thanks for sending this. They are correct. The normal procedure for us is that if a customer (or customers) orders six of the same style of shoe (leather/material/sole), the factory will offer the normal stock price for the shoes. I say 'stock price' with the understanding that there may be surcharges if the customers want something 'above and beyond' or...
Sounds like you may have a plasric heel base. Have your cobbler look at them. If the bases are plastic have them changed to leather, then add a rubber top-lift.
WADR to every one's comments. I have handled 10's of thousands of high-grade shoes during my 34 years. We work on EG's, CJ's, Church's, Westons, Lobbs and more every day. I have relationships with several high ranking executives in the high-grade shoe industry. We talk shop all the time. I understand their business. They understand mine. We all understand that they are two different things. Now, to disclose: I've never worked on a pair of shoes in my life. Don't possibly...
[quote=flanker2000fr;4495200 I highly suspect that EG, and others, advise against them as they hope for customer to bring their shoes back to them for re-soling. At twice the cost of a very competent cobbler.[/QUOTE] Added
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