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You are assuming that Leffot "snooped" here and then complained to EG.If you know this was the fact then enlighten us. If you consider this assumption, speculation to be fair. It would be just as fair to assume he didn't "snoop" here. Maybe, he wasn't even aware of this thread until way after the transaction ran it's course. Maybe, he still is not aware that this thread exists.Assuming my points are closer to fact than your's. What would your position be?
Raul's a great guy. Dedicated and full of enthusiasm. He showed me some samples. Well made and priced fairly. For those interested, He purchased machines to make his own lasts. I'm not sure if he intends to make one-offs to accommodate a specific design but, you may want to ask him. Best of luck to him!
Frankly, I haven't had the time to read all the posts. Please forgive me if I missed some things. As i see it: 1. Leffot designed the shoe. 2. It was a special edition. 3. Maybe there was some sort of agreement between E.G. and Leffort. If that's the case, it could have been (remember this?) a gentleman's agreement. 4. Such an agreement benefits all. Basically, if you want such a unique item, pay for it. 5. The OP back-doored it. That could have have been unintentional....
I'm going on Tuesday.
I know that Pierre Corthay makes his own lasts. Don't know if he would do a custom pair though. You may want to contact him and ask.
Man-up and just buy what you like. Then post it here if you find it worthy. Why break a guys balls because he had the insight to deliver what you wanted? And willing to pay. Don't you think that cost him time and money? Don't be a DB. Again, what do you do for a living? How about discussing that? What's fair and not fair in your pricing? Waiting........
The guy created a shoe that you wanted. You were willing pay for it. Now you're shopping it. Right? What do you for a living? To be fair, let's explorer that what do you do for a livinng? Think Steve's ripping you off? No, he goes a long way. Maybe not for shoppers.
Stay tuned....I'll always give you the real deal. like it or not.......
Again.....Steve created the shoe. If you like them, buy them. No need to break his balls, that's just wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: