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In addition to some things mentioned above: of country clubs and high end shoe repairs use sanitizers these days.You may want to stop by and have your shoes zapped.
Pierre is a great Guy. Passionate about his goods. The only one I know of that makes/designs his own lasts. Well made, beautiful, unusual offerings.
Editor's note: As an ongoing series, one of Styleforum's resident footwear experts, Nick V. of B. Nelson Shoes in NY, will be compiling interviews with shoe industry insiders, including company owners, designers, and other personalities. Next up is William Church, co-owner of Cheaney. Stay tuned for a piece with Nick Horween soon. Check out Nick's previous interviews: Paul Grangaard, CEO of Allen Edmonds Nick V.: How was Church's English Shoes founded? William...
It gets cemented and nailed on. The holes around the circumference are to accept the nails.The heel is the thickness of a half heel meaning it is thicker than the original top-lift. In order to balance the shoe correctly you would have to lower the existing leather base to offset the difference of the thicker heel. When finished the profile of the heel will show more rubber and less leather.
Be careful, the thicker sole you pictured will take away from the look you are going for. The heel you showed will be thicker than the existing heel. They can cut down your base to balance it but, you will loose some of the stacked look.The thinner sole that you mentioned can't be stitched on because the lugs go to the edge. I could be wrong but let us know.
Their web site will answer most of your questions:
Thought I should comment here.... First, I am not a journalist nor do I profess to be. I am simply a guy in the shoe business. Over my 35 years in the business I have had the privilege of meeting many upstanding people in the business. So, although my interviews do not meet the standards of traditional journalism, they are not intended that way. The intent is to share with SF by bringing out the realism of some of these people and the true passion for excellence they...
Sounds like the heel bases are loose. Bring them to a reputable repair shop and have them re-set.
Saphir Medaille D'or
No it's not...the underlay goes through.Take a closer look. Take my word for it. That's how they are designed/made. There's a purpose for that.If I recall, you designed a method for preserving the wear of a toe or heel, homemade. You were going to post the results....How did that work out for you?
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