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1+ for Dainite. They may have to lower the heel base a bit for proper balance. That depends on the thickness of the original top-lift.
Always best to give them a chance before going for the throat. Glad it worked out.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley To be fair, hopefully the interior of one's shoes after a full day's wear is not analogous to a rainstorm. I used a dramatic example to prove my point. But, scale it down. Do you agree or disagree? Good luck to the Laker's.
Compare two pieces of outdoor furniture. One cedar the other varnished or plastic. Observe them after a rainstorm. Which dries faster? Why? Case closed.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyoneill An update - The shoes have been sent back to the factory, and will be 'speed[ed] up' through the factory so that the process will not take as long as up to two months. No mention has been made of what will happen if the marks cannot be hidden or of whether it is possible to hide them in the first place. I have not yet asked what will be the remedy if this is the case? Should I save this question until I have...
Cedar absorbs humidity. Humidity is moisture. That's one of the purposes of a cedar closet. Further, by recommending a plastic shoe tree the SP proved that he knew nothing! Plastic will repel the perspiration back into the liner of the shoe which will eventually break down the leather. The only time I recommend plastic trees is when you are traveling. They will keep the shoe from being crushed in packing and they are light. However, I wouldn't recommend using the plastic...
Much better off with a split toe/claw back. Fuller in the vamp and heel. Eaiser to insert and remove. About 20 bucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sean Archer Now, would something like this happen to a black calf Allen Edmonds shoe? If this is normal I think I can live with it. If it's not, I will seek some kind of resolution with Florsheim. Since it was self inflicted consider yourself at the mercy of their goodwill.
That's defiantly not from normal wear nor, did it happen by itself. My guess is that you caught it on something (perhaps not realizing). Further evidence of this can be seen by looking at the sole. It's chipped directly below the damaged vamp.
Quote: Originally Posted by mouseandcat i went digging today and found this. does anyone know if b.nelson/jim's carries different irons in super prime and JR? any one else have before/after pictures or would like to share experiences w/ their shipping? I have a few pairs of shoes that need re-soleing that I rarely wear (AE's, <10 days/mo.) and would like a slightly thinner sole for a more sleek look (something like a 7.5 or...
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