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Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Yes "we" are absolutely sure. That "ňúlaminated sole' is an urban myth. There never was any manufacturer who laminates his outer soles out of thin layers of leathers. Here is a picture how it works (taken from Carmina/Albaladejo): See the flap folded back, while the stitching gets placed. It is exactly the same principle as in a hand sewn shoe. Here is the flap opened in a bespoke shoe to take...
Just because the stitches are visible does not mean the soles are done. There are a few reasons for this. 1. They are stitched with a lock stitch. That means each stitch is independent of itself. Just because you see worn stitching does not mean the sole stitching will unravel further around the welt. 2. "G's" are manufactured with a hidden stitch. The edge of the sole is shaved around the border of the shoe. The flap created is folded, the sole is than channeled and...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Actually, it should be pretty straightforward for your cobbler to cut off the existing soles and cement on new ones. You can get replacement Vibram soles, too. Not quite that simple but, yes they can be done.
Bravo!! Beautiful last. I like the small details: 6 eyelets, brass tacks at the toes, JR soles among those that I can see.
No problem for a reputable repair shop.
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 Enjoy the victory and the parade today, you guys earned it. We will be ready for you next year and hopefully we will battle it out for the ALCS. The post season isn't that fun unless the Sox and yanks are playing against eachother. Also, you guys would be stupid not to sign hideki matsui. The guy is a Samuri warrior Thanks and..........much agreed on both points!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 You are all sad excuses for yankees fans if you are using a Mets triumph as a come back. You should have gone with Bucky F. Dent but you are all morons. The Red Sox don't have a commitment to winning, we just win. Something we have done twice this decade as opposed to your one. See you next year girls Sorry.....but, we're still enjoying the victory. See ya next decade and compare notes around the...
Quote: Originally Posted by MHH89 Teams with a "commitment to winning" don't lose series when they are already up 3-0. Don Zimmer who is your daddy? %#&% Happens Can anybody say Bill Buckner!!
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma First off, let me say I am from the US, and I am not a baseball fan. I love sports for the competition, adversity, and the fact that any given day, miracle upsets can happen. But that isn't always true. I've always found it curious how professional sports call their teams 'World Champions'. Do they compete on a world stage with many teams from other countries? American football, and baseball are most notorious...
World Champs!
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