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C.P. was a great brand of rubber. As far as I know they have been defunct for about 20 years now. I heard mention that an Oriental company bought the name and is attempting to resurrect the brand. We'll see....
I doubt it, but don't know for sure. I would try contacting CS and ask for a supervisor in re-crafting. I'm certain they can answer your question. Let us know...
Need much elaboration and your position....
Just came out. Includes the new Independence Collection: http://issuu.com/allenedmonds/docs/2011_falldigest
Yes B,D,E and, EEE.
Here are some facts about the Independence Collection: All styles in this collection are named after the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Hence, it's name. Two slip-ons on the 7 last. One lace-up on the 7. One lace-up on the 2. One lace-up on the5. They will be 360 welted. In fact all of AE's welted shoes are now being made with 360 construction. AE went 270 a couple of years ago to give some of their styles a trimmer look in the heel area. Since then they...
Yes, dark brown. It's called "Sepia".
Nice job.....sharp looking.
I agree with all the listings above. J. M. Weston is another. May be out of your price range but worth checking out. Also, Citi Shoes is well within your range offering an array of options. I hear they ordered an EG line scheduled to arrive around late August.
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