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A pair of ladies ankle boots came in last week. CL's w/those spikes. Looked insane and weighed a ton. Also, hard to maintain. How would you polish them?
While I can't confirm your comments as fact, I suspect much of it is true. Way back, there was no alternative to leather. As times progressed, rubber and poly became an alternative. This benefited the maker (cost saving) and user (better wear and traction). The combination leather/rubber heel was developed. That offered the "feel" of walking on leather with the "wear" and "traction" of rubber on the rear of the heel. As that became more practical and popular the solid...
Editor's note: As an ongoing series, one of Styleforum's resident footwear experts, Nick V. of B. Nelson Shoes in NY, will be compiling interviews with shoe industry insiders, including company owners, designers, and other personalities. First up is Paul Grangaard, CEO and President of Allen Edmonds. Check out Nick's other interviews: William Church, Joesph Cheaney & Sons Shoes Mr. Grangaard holding the Allen Edmonds Strand model. Nick V.: Hi Paul, thanks for talking...
You can't add a sole guard when the leather is weak.You're just wasting your money.
Stay away
What are your thoughts? http://www.allenedmonds.com/
Hello Sir,I sent you a PM on 9/7 offering to rectify the situation. Never heard back.The offer still stands (within reason).
All three companies are under the same ownership.Saphir is produced in France. Since you are going to be in Barcelona, they (Tarrago) may be able to direct you to a supply house who in turn can direct you to a retailer that carries what you are looking for.
I believe the parent company to Saphir, Tarrago manufactures outside of Barcelona. You may want to contact them for a source.
Wow....If I were to name some of the customers that come into my shop and pay with Amex cards you would retract that statement. They are some of the most respected business people certainly in the U.S. some worldwide. CEO's and Presidents of major Fortune 500 companies.Peasants? They could buy and sell car dealerships 10 at a time if they wanted to. Probably just put the transaction on they're Amex card!
New Posts  All Forums: