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The purpose of a sole guard is to prevent the leather from wearing out. They have other advantages as well (if you are a fan of them). If you use sole guards to patch a worn sole you won't get the intended value out of them. I recommend full soles over half soles on high-grades such as C&J's.
Use fingernail polish. Carefully apply. Two coats should do it.
Thanks.......That's a really weird one. I guess, as they say, shit happens!
I've been skeptical and curious about this...Have you attempted to resolve it?Sorry if I missed posts that acknowledged said.
I would highly suggest that you try Orinda and post before and after pictures. Blind stitched and foot-bed replacement for $100.00-$150.00?YELP? They allow fraudulent remarks to stand. Then they contact you for a pay-per-click program and offer very positive results. When you ask that (ONLY) the the fraudulent comments be removed, they refuse. Many of my friends are business owners, none respect the value of YELP -nor- do any of them refer to the service for their own...
Often I hear customers say they don't plan on wearing them (their suede) in inclement weather. Then the unexpected downpour........Even more common I hear "I was at a restaurant (or bar) and something accidentally spilled om my shoes".It's better to be safe than sorry.The products mentioned are very good:Tarrago NANO ProtectorSaphir Super InvulnerHere is another effective, safe...
Super Glue will dry out the leather and make it brittle.Your much better of with rubber -or- all purpose cement. You can purchase either in small tubes.Good product(s) to have in the house.
Something is not right here....I agree w/R.B.'s advice. Contact AE.I would be interested to hear how the matter gets resolved.
In a discussion I once had with Nick Horween I asked Him what His favorite products were that He uses on His skins. He told me VSC and Saph. Reno. Happens to be they were and are my favorite 2 products as well.
Leather has sort of an elastic tendency. A slight memory. It's always best to wear your shoes around the house or office for a few hours before going out for the day (or evening) after they were stretched. While your foot is in the shoe and flexing the leather it is loosening the grain. This will aid in making the stretching permanent. Also, wearing them around the house will avoid the possibility of you going out for the day and half way through you realize your shoes are...
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