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For the life of me I could never understand why some insist on letting polishes and or conditioners dry..... All you are doing is complicating what should be a simple task. The longer you leave those products to dry the more likely it is that they will "set". Once that happens it's much more difficult to remove the residue from (esp) small creases.
This would be a case where the risk is not worth the reward....There are to many measurements and dimension that go into lasting a shoe and getting the pieces to fit and line up correctly. Trying to re-last a shoe on a different last is as time consuming (maybe more) than making a shoe from scratch. Aside from them not fitting right, they won't look right either. You also may wind up with one dimension feeling and looking right but, somewhere-else creasing -or- bulging...
The suede can't really be revived. However they can be cleaned.Any competent cobbler can convert them to leather soles.
It's been about 6 or 7 years that William and Jonathan Church bought back Cheaney. They continue to rack up prestigious awards. Here is the latest: We are delighted to announce that Cheaney has today been honoured with one of the highest awards for British business, The Queen’s Award for International Trade on the Queen’s 90th Birthday. It’s a great accolade, as the award is a recognition, not only by the Queen’s Award panel of judges, but by our customers around the...
Good to you....When you get around taking on this project would you mind sharing you're experience with us from start to end? Dollars, fit, satisfaction, value?
We do this often. It's effective.We won't do this type of alteration through the mail because it may require a few fittings to get it best as possible.
No apology necessary. Sorry if you thought I was implying you, I wasn't. The person I was implying knows very well who he is.
Then you should admire me even more when I stated in the past it's not a confession, it's a statement of fact that I in no way are ashamed of.
I would like to further that by saying......I get complements on our work on a daily basis. Every time a customer tells me "you guys do great work" my response is always ALWAYS "thank you for the compliment however, that was yesterday and doesn't count for today. It's today's work that matters to me". That has always been my attitude.The only people I can compete with are the people in my industry and striving to be the best is what drives me.So, when I get a person that...
New Posts  All Forums: