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Yes but you can still see traces of the stitches. That's what I was talking about.
There are different methods.My guys were working on a pair of George Cleverley's this morning. They pulled back the flap for me. It appears that they were not grooved prior to being stitched. I'll post a picture when I have a chance (don't know how to do it, I'll get my son to do it later).As a personal preference we do the grooving and stitching in two steps. Two separate machines. Even though our stitching machines are designed to do that in one process I feel that doing...
Added....a grove is channeled prior to stitching. The stitches lay in the channel. This way when the flap is folded back over there won't be any evidence of them. The channel also helps protecting the stitches from prematurely wearing out.
You shouldn't have any problems getting to the entire shoe if you insert shoe trees prior to starting the work.
There is no difference.....Every pack of JR soles comes with a letter that explains it.Here is what it reads:Dear customer"The oak in the triangle", the association of traditional tanner's seal of quality has for many years guaranteed premium sole leather manufactured using the unique methood of traditional ground-tanning. First class raw materials, vegetable tanning agents, a tanning period of up to nine months and a stringent quality control is the secret behind this...
Thanks and always happy to share when I can. It's not about business, it's about sharing knowledge. I see so many things on this thread that are more hurtful then helpful.
No, I don't "pretend" (using one of your now famous words on this site regarding me). I was not comparing myself to those greats. I was dispelling your ridiculous reasoning/logic.I've said it before, I constantly discuss things with my guys in the shop. We exchange ideas. Some are mine some are there's. I respect and appreciate that.Since you you brought it up, My " little business" is FAR LARGER than yours at it's height.And no, as usually your are wrong with me.My...
I have seen damage done from both un-cared and over-cared for skins. I try to keep it simple for the layman by explaining that neither are good. There are lot's of very good products out there. Some have their own preferences to use. The key is keeping it simple, regular maintenance without over doing it. It also depends on the size of one's rotation/wear as well as weather conditions.
Applying your reasoning......Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and, the likes had little credibility because they never built the railroads, trains and, cars themselves. Based on your thinking, that reduces them to "sidewalk supers" (owners).Your argument is not convincing in the least.WADR I like your Dad's saying. It can be applied to common sense as well. Either way....You must be having lot's of fun.
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