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This was posted on AAAC: http://www.jsonline.com/business/103530624.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Akeem how long does a rubber top-lift normally last? i seem to be wearing through the rubber pretty fast. i've been wearing these shoes for about 2 times/week (walking about 1 mile/day) for 2 months and rubber is almost down to the leather part. if this is normal, i may consider just adding heel taps to save money. You may want to try a JR heel. Longer wearing rubber and leather. An average cobbler should be able...
Quote: Originally Posted by aravenel Anyone have any experience getting a pair of AEs recrafted after having Topys applied? I'd love to have some put on (I live in NY and all the walking just eats through my soles), but I'm worried that I won't be able to have a serious recrafting/resoling done when they need them. That should not be a problem as neither the footbed or welt is impacted by applying sole guards. However, if that's your...
When it's time to replace the heels ask your local cobbler for JR heels. They have the dove tail insert but last longer.
This should answer your questions: http://www.barbourcorp.com/pdf/welting_catalog.pdf
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Good link. So are you also known as VIP Restorer? The link on the GQ article says B. Nelson is "associated" with VIP Restorer; what does that mean exactly? And you do flushed metal toe taps? Yes we are associated. It's easier and more efficient to work that way. All re-crafting is done through B. Nelson. We do flush mounted European metal toe pieces.
http://www.martymathisclothiers.com/shop/ If you stop in, tell Marty I said hi.
Excellent. Congrads on your evolving skills!
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