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Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Nick, could you share another fact of how you restore cordovan? Perhaps the other Nick could chime in as well. Shell cordovan is vegetable tanned not chrome tanned. This means that their is a large amount of oil and wax within the skin. Therefore it is not necessary to polish often nor use heavy coats of wax polish. Simply brush and cloth them off as needed. This will remove scuffs and restore the...
This was just announced: http://www.martymathis.com/trunk-show-2009/
Among other things.....that's not a hidden stitch
I attended Steven's trunk show last night. Great display of Edward Green's "Top Draw" collection and Epht'ee's custom trunks of all varieties. How about some comments from others whom attended? The show continues today and Saturday.
I guess you don't like to "rush into things".
Fishball is correct. However the Vibram 430 is a 14 iron sole. Based on the OP's question that sole is way to thick for an Alden Cordovan boot. It would make the boot clunky looking. I don't think he would be happy with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I went back and read the e-mail from Nick. I asked about adding a Vibram commando sole as he doesn't do Alden commando soles. He said that the Vibram commando sole (which isn't stitched on - it's glued on) was thicker and more rigid than Alden's version, so he didn't recommend it for double-soled shoes. Now that I know Alden will add the commando sole, I'm interested too. I have a brand new pair of Chukka boots...
Bring them to a reputable repair shop. You will be limited to medium or dark brown if that suits your needs.
We do a lot of conversions from leather to Dainite. All high-grades...C.J.s, A/E, Testoni, Church, Lobb's to name a few. From the profile you can barely tell that it's rubber. Rarely do we get a request to convert Dainite to leather. Is it a trend? I don't know but, people seem to love them.
Yes this can be achieved by using neutral as a base and slightly tint it with brown.
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