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http://www.martymathisclothiers.com/shop/ If you stop in, tell Marty I said hi.
Excellent. Congrads on your evolving skills!
Interesting events coming up at Leffot Upcoming Events Mark your calendars we've assembled three outstanding trunk shows plus a very special art installation for your delectation. We invite you to join us September 30th for the opening reception of "Cut" the exciting new work by DC artists Joseph Dumbacher and John Dumbacher presented by Backroom NY. Our trunk shows begin October 1st & 2nd with Rider Boot Co. Ron Rider will be here to present his latest shoes and...
Here's the whole story: http://allenedmondsblog.blogspot.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe I suppose, their replacement is the 'Shanghai range': http://www.selectism.com/news/2009/1...nghai-reissue/ http://www.elitetraveler.com/product...-shanghai-shoe All Church's stores seem to be filled with those. I have a feeling, they are not moving too well. Quel surprise! Bengal-- You may be surprised to hear but, I have it from a very reliable source that here in the States they are...
I've had many come in to the shop with leather goods they purchased in Morocco. Most, nice stuff for the price. The consistent complaint is, "Can you get rid of the smell"? So far I have not come up with a solution. Be careful with your purchases. Don't buy in when they tell you the oder will go away, it won't. I suggest that you don't have anything custom made for that reason. I know it sounds crazy, but smell the products before you purchase them. No matter how good the...
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell Resoling doesn't need a last, as the upper & footbed are not touched. The Lopez is a classic Goodyear welted loafer. When the sole is removed most likely some of the foot-bed will stick to the underside of the sole and will pull out with the sole. They should absolutely be resoled (re-crafted) using a last. A hack will at best patch the hollowed areas on a jack. That will change the fit maybe even the...
I agree with the above posts. Just like to add, treat the uppers with a non-silicone based waterproof. This will help prevent the suede from getting soiled. When scuff marks or grime appear on the suede, brush with a nylon suede brush, lightly sand out the effected areas with very fine sandpaper and, brush again. Use cream polish on the leather. If wax gets on the suede it will mat down the nap and is very difficult (even for a pro) to remove.
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