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Look like Jeffery Wests....I saw some comments about a 1/2 sole job in an earlier post here.Some in the industry have called me stupid for only doing full re-crafting rather than 1/2 soles. We use dozens of full soles every week. To my knowledge we used 1 pair of Men's 1/2 soles this year.The reason they have called me stupid is they tell me that the profit margin is greater on 1/2 soles than a full re-craft. Something I'm fully aware of.I have asked them, would you put a...
OMG....are we really going down that road again???If you digest the article it clearly states the intent of both parties involved.GEEZ!!
This seems like a huge deal for AE:
Include that The MDO line spreads very generosly. A little bit goes a long way. Factor that into the cost. It actually turns into a good value.
I'd like to interview a Person that is the shoe buyer for a well respected label here on SF. What questions would you like me to ask?
I'm certain Sheila can help
We use both Reno and Venetian all the time. Neither changes the color. You may be rubbing it to hard into the leather.
Can't put sole guards on them. They're to far gone. A local guy may do it but he's stealing your $.From what I can see, they are not double soled, they are a single sole w/a Good Year welt. Shows normal wear.Don't put a half sole on them. That would compromise the structure of shoe.
27 posts? I can tell by your comments in this thread:'re the sort that comes off as an authority, as he sounds but, in terms of shoes, knows very little...To associate me with Larry King is a knee slapper...! BTW, I realized early, I was not a fan of his. So, I stopped watching him.I'll say it again, I'm not a journalist, I'm in the shoe business. Larry King is and...
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